Saturday, October 06, 2007


I love sites where you have to vote for something, polls or even tests to take, whether silly or serious. Robin Lee Hatcher over at her Write Thinking  blog pointed out this poll on the Zondervan Blogspot to vote for your favorite Zondervan fiction author! Well, that's a toughie, but I did it. You can, too.


The other thing on my mind today are these crazy photos that were taken of me for publicity shots. Our Indiana ACFW president, Cara Putnam, who has a book coming out soon from Heartsong Presents called Canteen Dreams, had this photographer named Janet who had done Cara's fabulous publicity shots/head shots.



(One of Cara's publicity shots for her upcoming books)


Janet agreed to come to our monthly meeting and take shots for a very nominal fee and at the last minute I was able to go. I didn't even know what to wear, or what lipstick to choose! (I am going through one of those "Uh-oh, my life has changed and suddenly I need a makeover" phases. ) I need to dump my closet.

Now, to set this all up, the other day I started receiving AARP cards in the mail saying it was time to sign up!!! That made me both sad and panicked. (And a little mad, too, because my husband is 3 weeks older than I am and he hasn't even gotten a "thinking of you" card in the mail from the dreaded AARP). My husband pointed out to me on a recent trip that it wouldn't be long now that I could get senior citizen discounts for us.

Ok. Now don't misunderstand me. The alternative to getting older is, well, gruesome,(but I'm ready--see button in sidebar-- if the time suddenly comes) and something I don't think I'm quite ready for  because there are some things I'd like to do yet. But, I am now in this mode of, "I only have a short time now to do all I have left on my I-want-to-fulfill-this-before-I-die list." You know that question, "If you were to die tomorrow, how would you live today?" Of course, I think I have made authentic choices and am confident in my faith. However, I want to make good choices now, too, and be a good steward of my time left. And I've learned over the years that I sometimes can't see my own potential and it's good/wise to get feedback, critique, and maybe a solid push.

  I had my SALT* group take a look at the photos and I've been getting the most amazing feedback from them--sort of like getting a good critique on a manuscript. You know how that is? These are people who love you and only say that which will really help you move to the next level, but they are honest/truthful? They want me to face who I am and reach my potential and not get stuck in things that aren't me.

Well, I am going to get brave now and ask you which of these photos  most projects the defining words for my fiction and blog?(some of you don't know my fiction--I am now writing women's fiction/romance/lit-flavored. Still being defined.) I also need those defining words, and already one word has emerged, but I'm looking for more. For example, one of my friends said, "How sassy!" and I liked that description, so that one sticks.

Here are some of the photos. Give me some feedback! (But don't be mean--be analytical.)Obviously I can't change who I am or my DNA attributes, but can you see how aging and wearing certain colors, changing hairstyle can be used? Here are photos from my past to sort of compare them to. Have I changed much? I think I have. (Not just in looks, but in attitude and confidence in who I am.)


High School Senior Photo (late teens)

MGHS 1976

College Senior Photo(early 20s)


Mom Years to my (now-grown) four boys: (mid 30s)

Bryce, Jordan, Max, Jared and Crystal

From my late 30s:


Now on to the Now--my Jubilee Year. (Ugh) See below.

Colors? Descriptions? Favorite pose? What colors would be better? (By the way, Janet picked that flower out of your garden, Cara, not me!!)

I just got a new haircut, and actually went to a make up counter for some new colors/advice. The jacket and beaded tee shirt are from Coldwater Creek. Lately, all I have worn are jeans/denim and black with a few sweatshirts. I have been in a rut.

One comment made was that I also needed a lip color that matched my bottom gum color-- and I haven't found that yet. This color lip may be too bold? I have a copper brown/peach on my eyes. I can't remember what color blush I chose. I think it was an apricot or some sort of burnished coppery color.(warm) I am not sure if I am warm-colored or cool-colored. I can never decide. I don't really like to wear peach. Someone recently said I need cool colors. I like browns,some yellow, turquoise and coral red and some blues. This jacket is spruce green (a bluish green)

1.                                                          2.

_MG_3926_edited-1  _MG_4048_edited-1



4.                                                          5.

_MG_4029_edited-1 _MG_3919_edited-1

6.                                                      7.


8.                                                       9.

_MG_3917_edited-1 _MG_3938_edited-1

(*SALT: Struggling Artists of Literary Talent/my literary support, therapy group and sisters)


Unknown said...

They are all grest pictures but if you're looking for "sassy" I'd say go with 1 or 6. 2 and 4 I think would fit more into the "cute" bucket. 3 would fit somewhere in between "cute" and "sassy" maybe a "romantic" or "historical" category - the background reminds me of the opening credits on Little House on the Prairie where the girls are running down the hill to Pa and Ma on the wagon through the tall grass.

Cara Putman said...

Oh my gosh! They are fantastic. How can I choose! I love 1,2,3,4, and 8...if you force me to choose. But they all look so good!

Kaye Dacus said...

CUTE pictures! I wish I photographed so well!

Anonymous said...

Crystal, these are great! I think 4, 8, and 1 most capture you and fit your "sassy" image.

Crystal Laine said...

Believe me, Kaye, this photographer is good. You are beautiful and just come to Indiana for a session with Cara's friend. She made me look thinner than I truly am. ha!

I love the comments/feedback from fortrose! Thank you. And Cara I really love what you said (sniff, so sweet!) Thank you, Cara, for being so generous with your time, home, and photographer.

I still am open for any input.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Okay, are you sure you want all of our opinions...LOL. You're going to end up with a bunch of different answers and be more confused than when you started. :)

My favorites are 1, 3, & 6. I think 1 & 6 might be my very favorites.

Michael Ehret said...


I love love love the mood I get with #5. But to see your face, I have to go with #8. And would it go well in a "series" shot with my fav, #5? Yes it would it would it would.

Mike Ehret

Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Crystal, these are all great. I, too, wish I photographed so well. I usually (feel) like I come out dorky looking.

Anyway, I like 1, 4, and 8. They remind me of the first time I met you at the Nashville ACFW conference when you peeked around the corner of a door and waved at me to get my attention. LOL

Janet Dean said...

Crystal, they're all great photos, but I favor #6. It's a lovely closeup. #8 and #1 are fantastic too. Depends on what you want.

LeAnne Benfield Martin said...

I like 1, 3, 5, 6, and 9 (in descending order). I like #5 because it's fun. It reminds of the type of photo that would be on a CD.

These are such cute, creative photos. Any of them would work well.