Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday, Saturday, Ever-loving Saturday

I used to love Saturdays as a kid. Sleep in. Read in the afternoon. Listen to music. Get a few chores done that you can't get done during the week, and kick back. As a grown up Saturday is no different now than any other day of the week. My life is such that I do not have a "Monday-Friday-40-hour-work-week." I have to say that I sort of miss that. I miss the sacredness of the weekend.I noticed, too, that I don't make any distinctions in these posts like, "Today is Saturday and I'm counting my blessings," or "Today is Wednesday's When I Was Just a Kid" Day. Maybe I need to do that.

Anyway, I realized that I never have posted my 100 Loves (or Favorites) or any of those lists that allow people to see what you are like, either. Our preferences and dislikes really do make us as people. I DID once post my 100 Flies in My Soup (those things that buzz around my head and annoy me.) I had intended to complain on Fridays and talk about good things on Saturday. I am providing the link here to that,but I will start working on things that are pleasant, too, as I hate to be known only as a complainer. And maybe I need to hone in just what this blog is. It's probably past time.

I do have one clarification looking at the discussion that followed that Flies post. I said I disliked Japanese food, but maybe it is because I haven't had the dish that would thrill my palette. I'm still open to trying, especially since I love Camy Tang and her book, Sushi for One? And I loved the story/movie, Shogun, too.

I did NOT!!! declare war on Japanese food. It is a simple statement, like "I don't like peas" (which I absolutely do like peas, but I'm just making a point.) Maybe I should be more specific, like, I dislike squid, or dozens of the other stuff I've tried in a Japanese restaurant. If you dislike black-eyed peas, grits and cornbread (I love this southern fare,) I don't try to assassinate your character, now do I? (Like, there must be something very wrong with you...)

One thing I have learned--it is difficult to discuss dislikes in politics,pets, religions,books,children or foods.(Or is the world round, square or elliptical.) Why is that? It's because if we have a personal love or preference, or belief, we feel a person disagreeing with us is attacking us personally. Like we dislike you as a person because we dislike something you like. I want to say right upfront, I really don't think like that. I have strong preferences and beliefs, but I don't get totally militant if you disagree with me.

Anyway. I'm going to ask you: What do you like? Name one thing. (And I will love you, anyway.) And don't be vague. What is it you love about it?

Peace Out, Baby (or Peace, Love and Bobby Sherman)


LeAnne Benfield Martin said...

I like chocolate because it tastes so good and it's an indulgence. Lately I've been indulging too often so now I'm doing weight training sessions twice a week. I like those too because I can already tell a difference. I like that I'm feeling stronger. But I'm still weak when it comes to chocolate.

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