Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are You God's Favorite?

I swiped this photo from Robin Lee Hatcher awhile back because it made me laugh and I'm living in Bird's Nest, Indiana. I remember The Smothers Brothers and the fight they had, "Mom likes me best!"

But I don't know that I ever embraced just how crazy God is about me. Yes, I know in my head and heart that He died for me, would've done it ALL just for me, but in the back of my mind, playing over and over again are the old tapes about me not being "good enough," last in line for God's love (in the line, but last!) Well, that's a lie. And I know it, but I need to truly embrace it.

Along comes Rachel Hauck with a challenge for November:

"So, here's the Favorite One Challenge. For the month of November, wake up saying, "Jesus, here I am Your favorite one." Add to it, "God likes me and I look good to Him."

Repeat it throughout the day, six, seven, eight times. Take a moment to meditate on what you are saying. Hear Him respond!

Do a scripture search on "delight," "love," or "beloved." Study the Psalms or Song of Solomon as God's message of love to the individual believer."
--Rachel Hauck

So, I'm telling you and maybe you can keep me accountable or maybe you will join me. In the month of November I will find a verse a day where God tells me (in the Bible) what He thinks of me--that beloved thing. Rachel is so good at this, and it takes someone like her to inspire me.

If you want to take the challenge, too, hop on over to Rachel's and let her know. Do you think we could change the world if we all truly believed we were God's favorite one? Or you can just tell me, or just read my verses that I find in November.

I'm God's favorite. (And so are you.)

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Georgiana Daniels said...

This is a powerful statement, Crystal. I haven't officially taken the challenge, but it's something that's sinking in my spirit even now. Thanks!