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When I Was Just a Kid...Gail Gaymer Martin

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Gail Gaymer Martin is an award-winning novelist for Steeple Hill and Barbour Publishing with over one million books in print and forty fiction novels or novellas.That alone is impressive. But that is not all Gail is. She's helpful to other writers, has been a top counselor in Michigan, helping countless people,plays handbells/handchimes, sings and she loves her family and her home state of Michigan.

In 2000 author Lynn Coleman interviewed Gail, where Gail compared the Steeple Hill and Barbour (also including Heartsong) publishing lines that she writes for. Gail knows romance, and she definitely knows the Steeple Hill and Barbour Publishing lines. If you are a writer and are interested in writing romance for either of these companies, then it is well worth your time to check out Gail's web site,full of useful information (free!) Also, in December be sure to pick up her Writer's Digest book, Writing The Christian Romance.

Gail Gaymer Martin

If you are a reader who loves a good romance, then pick up one of Gail's many books. (I'm looking forward to reading the Mackinac Island Anthology in my TBR pile that came out this spring from Barbour--loved Mackinac.)

Mackinac Island Anthology
Barbour Publishing
May 2006


Gail says on her web site: Now as an award-winning author of over forty novels and a million books in print, I realize I was a slow starter. When I was in the third grade, my teacher wrote a prophetic message on my report card, "Gail is an excellent writer." It took nearly 50 years for me to realize she’d spoken a truth. Now a published novelist and freelance writer, I look back on my early writing and chuckle. As a pre-teen, I wrote a series of Nancy Drew-type mysteries, and in my teen years, I wrote romances --- but not knowing romance needed a happy ending, I often did things like kill the heroine off at the end. Needless to say, my first attempts at romance failed.

Discover with me what Gail was like as a child and teen:

Childhood Ambition: To be a movie star, a novelist (and when people let me know that was impossible) to be a librarian. I ended up a high school English and public speaking teacher until I received my master is counseling. Then I worked as a counselor for many years.

Fondest Memory (then): How can I narrow it down? Having a large role in my high school play was probably one. The worst memory was performing in a tap dance routine at the state fair and being so nervous I did the movements backward.

Proudest Moment (now or then): Selling my first book which was not a novel, but a book of Christmas worship services, but as powerful was selling my first novel.

Biggest Challenge as a Child or Teen: Having confidence in myself. People don't believe me who know me now, but I had low self-esteem as a child and teenager.

My First Job: Babysitting. But in a commercial setting, I was a gift wrapper and put out stock at a dress shop over the Christmas holidays.

Childhood Indulgence: Reading. I was a voracious reader. In the summer, I went to the library and brought home a huge stack of books. Then I would lay on a blanket in my front yard under a huge elm tree and read the summer away.

Favorite Outfit as a Child: I remember one Easter I had a pastel aqua skirt and jacket with a pink blouse and a hat of the same two colors. I also had new white shoes and handbag.

Favorite Childhood Movie: Snow White and The Wizard of Oz. Later it was a movie called Best Foot Forward, which was an old musical.

Favorite Childhood Book: Pollyanna, but most of all the Nancy Drew series

Childhood Hero: Roy Rodgers.

Any other life-changing events that you'd like to include here for your readers?:

Too many that come to mind. Learning that I was a good speaker and writer. Winning a dramatic reading speaking competition in college. Losing my dad when he was only 49. Being named one of the top counselors in Michigan. Selling my first books and realizing it was a new career.

If you leave a comment, I will enter your name in a drawing to win Gail's latest Steeple Hill book, In His Dreams, to be chosen on Monday, October 15!

In His Dreams

In His Dreams Cover

Escape to beautiful Beaver Island could be the answer to Marsha Sullivan's need for a fresh start. Since her husband's death four years ago, Marsha had lost her way, but on Beaver Island, she had good memories to help guide her. Running into Jeff, her brother-in-law, in this paradise turned out to be a blessing. Not only did they share grief in losing their spouses, but also a warm bond began to form between them. Did God want her to love again? The only thing she knew for sure was that being with Jeff and his daughter felt like family.

What is being said about In His Dreams: Top Pick! (4-1/2 stars) In His Dreams touches on sensitive issues, including the problems of an emotionally handicapped child. But Gail Gaymer Martin outdoes herself with the romance she threads throughout.

With Christmas In His Heart, 2007 National Readers' Choice Award
Finding Christmas, 2006 Booksellers Best Award
Adam's Promise, 2005 Booksellers Best Award

Loving Treasures, 2003 - Holt Medallion Award
A Love for Safekeeping - Romantic Times Best Love Inspired of 2002
A Love for Safekeeping, ACFW Book of the Year Award for short inspirational
Upon A Midnight Clear, 2001 Holt Medallion Award
"The Mahogany Rocking Chair," 1st place - American Christian Writers, 1997
1996 Writer of the Year, Detroit Conference of The American Christian Writers
With Christmas In His Heart, 2007, Award of Excellence, Colorado RWA Finalist
With Christmas In His Heart, 2007, Holt Medallion, Virginia RWA Finalist
Finding Christmas, 2006 Colorado Writers Award Of Excellence Finalist
Finding Christmas, 2006 Gayle Wilson Award Of Excellence Finalist
Finding Christmas, 2006 Desert Rose Golden Quill Finalist
Loving Feeelings, 2006 Desert Rose Golden Quill Finalist
Christmas Moon in That Christmas Feeling, 2005 Inspirational Readers Choice Award Finalist
Adam's Promise, 2005 Holt Medallion Finalist
Loving Hearts, 2004 Inspirational Readers Choice Finalist
The Christmas Kite, 2004 Holt Medallion Finalist
Loving Ways, 2004 - Golden Quill Finalist
Loving Treasures - 2003 Blue Boa Award Finalist
A Love for Safekeeping 2003 -1st place Winter Rose for short inspirational
Her Secret Longing, 2002 National Booksellers Best Award for traditional romance
Upon A Midnight Clear, 2001 Finalist National Readers Choice Award
Dreaming of Castles - 5th place - "Touched By Love Contest" FHL Chapter, RWA, 1997
"A Dark and Stormy Knight Contest," - 3rd place, Iowa Romance Writers, RWA, 1997

Other soon-to-be releases:

And Baby Makes Five
Barbour Heartsong Presents
November 2007


Writing The Christian Romance
Writers Digest
December 2007

Family In His Heart
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
January 2008

Garlic and Roses
Barbour Publishing
March 2008

Butterfly Trees
Barbour Publishing
August 2008

The Christmas Kite
Steeple Hill Mass Market (reissue)
October 2008

Gail's backlist of books:

With Christmas In His Heart
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
November 2006

Upon a Midnight Clear/Secrets of the Heart
Steeple Hill Classic
A reissue duet
October 2006

In His Eyes
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
August 2006

"Christmas Moon"
in That Christmas Feeling
a two author with Catherine Palmer
Released in paperback
November 2005

Loving Tenderness
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
November 2005

Finding Christmas
Steeple Hill Readers Choice
(single title)
October 2005

Loving Feelings
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
June 2005

Loving Promises

Steeple Hill Love Inspired
March 2005
ISBN 0-373-87301-8
(also in large print)

Loving Care

Steeple Hill Love Inspired
4th in the Loving Series
ISBN 0-373-87249-6
February 2004

"An Open Door"
in From Italy With Love
Barbour Anthology
ISBN 1-59310-081-7
February 2004

Out On A Limb

Barbour Heartsong Presents
ISBN 1-59310-117-1
May 2004

Adam’s Promise
The Front Line Series Book
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
ISBN 0-373-87269-0
July 2004

Four reprinted novels set in Michigan from the Heartsong Presents Book Club
Stories of love and faith:
ISBN 1-59310-434-0
August 2004

"Then Came Darkness"
in Hidden Motives
Barbour Anthology
ISBN 1-59310-257-7
October 2004

"Christmas Moon"
in That Christmas Feeling
a two author hardcover gift book with Catherine Palmer
ISBN 0-373-78528-3
November 2004

Loving Hearts

Steeple Hill
2nd in the Loving Series
ISBN 0-373-87206-2
Feb 2003

"The Butterfly Garden"
Steeple Hill Two-in-One
with Lenora Worth
ISBN 0-373-87209-7
March 2003

The Harvest
Two-in-one Steeple Hill
with Cynthia Rutledge
ISBN 0-373-87230-5
October 2003

The Christmas Kite

Steeple Hill
Single Title
Holt Medallion Finalist
Discussion Questions

Loving Ways

Steeple Hill Love Inspired
3rd in the Loving Series
ISBN 0-373-87241-0
December 2003

A Love For Safekeeping

Steeple Hill
January 2002

Over Her Head
Barbour Heartsong Presents
ISBN 1-58660-603-4
June 2002

Loving Treasures
Steeple Hill
ISBN 0-373-87184-8
June 2002

"Once A Stranger"
ISBN 1-58660-396-5
February 2002 - Barbour

Let's Pretend. . .
Silhouette Romance
July 2002

Secrets Of The Heart
Steeple Hill
ISBN 0-373-87154-6
August 2001

Her Secret Longing
Silhouette Romance
September 2001

Secrets Within
Barbour Heartsong Presents
December 2001

"Apple Of His Eye"
in The English Garden
ISBN 1-58660-389-2
December 2001

"To Keep Me Warm"
in Home For Christmas
ISBN 1-58660-242-X
August 2001
Yuletide Treasures
Barbour historical anthology
ISBN 1-57748-811-3
September 2000

Upon A Midnight Clear
Steeple Hill
October 2000
Better To See You
in Once Upon A Time
Barbour contemporary fairytale anthology
ISBN 1-57748-975-6
December 2000
Also available as Fairy-Tale Brides
Wal-Mart release

Dreaming Of Castles
Heartsong Presents
ISBN 1-57748-555-6
May 1999
Heartsong Presents
Nov. 1998

*Heartsong Presents and Barbour books may be ordered by calling
1-800 847-8270
Most books may be ordered from bookstores, the publisher or


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting post and I'm glad to know about the new Writer's Digest book coming out.

I'd like to be entered for the book drawing :)

Donna Lechak said...

I love your books. I especially like those books that take place in MI. My daughter has lived in MI for many years. My daughter in son - a Coastie are station in Marquette.

Thanks for following through on your teacher's comment. We would have missed some enjoyable reading if you had not. Obviously it was God's will.


Gail Gaymer Martin said...

Thanks for your comments on this blog about me. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I admit it was such a unqiue blog that I enjoyed answering the questions. I hope those who write fiction are anxious for the release of my book Writing the Christian Romance. I have been so blessed to have this book accepted so quickly by Writers Digest.

Gai Gaymer Martin