Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pieces of Crystal's Brain

This blog began as a way to explore my writing and voice. Definitely all about me. I opened my blog site, but didn't post for a year. A blank page and putting yourself out there is a scary thing or maybe I just couldn't decide what to write. It's like walking into your first grade class all over again. 

I loved first grade and my first school experience. But there, I knew what we were there for--the library and all those books!
But periodically, I take a look at what works and doesn't work--healthy introspection for any person, but a little psychotic, too. Growth? Lately, I've ignored the blog and couldn't focus and wondered just what I have to offer as a human being who has lived too long. I've settled down to rot. I've felt scattered and untrue to my voice. These days, above all, though, I've wanted to offer something to readers. Giving you something to take away is all important to me.  
Looks like I'm gonna be here awhile....
Is it important for a writer to have a blog? And if so, who comes to read it? What do you expect when you come by? I do have interests and things I most want to write about but tend to flit from one aspect to another. Much like my brain. (I gave up Cokes for Lent and have what was I talking about?)

What would bring you back? (I desperately need friends!) 

I have a poll up on the right. Please vote if you are interested in reading more here. And if you have a comment or suggestion for me, please feel free to leave that here, below this post. I love dialogue and sharing fun--I think that's what I like about Facebook and Pinterest. I'm not one for discussing politics or world events, and I definitely hate negativism or any bullies. So if you're here for a fight, I don't suffer fools and their attacks. 

I also gave you the option to vote for more than one topic. Wishy-washy? Meh.

Near French Lick, Indiana
I've traveled extensively around the state, so perhaps that will be my focus--Indiana and what Hoosiers do and say and what they eat (Ha! It is always about food.) Indiana and I share a birthday so I feel a camaraderie with my home state. Indiana and me--blood kin and sisters! I am pretty sure I'll never leave, except with my last breath!
Hope Springs Eternal (and all that stuff.)
If I had a regular schedule for posts with a topic for the day, would you read it? Once a week? Three times a week? 

Thanks to those who read and who are willing to help me find a focus. Just writing this has me thinking about what I want to do next. Uh-huh. 

I was always a studious person.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Spring Can't Come Soon Enough!

Last Spring I took some photos and I'm desperately needing some spring RIGHT NOW. I took a chance that you might need some too, so here are some of my favorite views of springtime around me...and I'm still waiting. Just a few more days and it will start anew--I hope. And hope springs eternal! 

It's hard to see but the floor of our woods breaks out in skunk cabbage in the early spring. It's usually one of my first signs that spring has sprung. This is 30 feet down and by the creek. 

We took a trip last spring to St. Louis to watch the St. Louis Blues hockey team play. They were a few weeks ahead of us weather-wise and I snapped this photo in front of a business downtown. It was just what I needed. Last fall my son Bryce and I planted hundreds of bulbs, so I'm anxiously looking for them to pop up! (And hopefully look a little like this.)

This "volunteer" Trillium is one of spring's true natives in Indiana. This one grew right by my front step and I look forward to its return each spring

This is a crocus that I planted years ago by the "entrance" to our woods (a trellis that leads to a path  30-feet down.)  Every year I can barely wait for it to pop up. It's stunning!

Another crocus by the woods. Cheerful yellow--one of my favorite colors. 

These daffodils were by our back porch. Not sure if they will come up again because we had to do some work on the posts and digging was involved. 

Hope this little dose of spring is just what you needed today, too. Blessings! 

Friday, March 01, 2013

New Post on When I Was Just a Kid

If you're interested in Navy SEALS, massage therapy, the Hotel del Coronado or a fun little love story, this is an interview you're gonna want to read, today on When I Was Just a Kid with Michelle Ule.

At the end of the blog is a giveaway of  book. Michelle has traveled the world and  a genealogist who also writes fiction. She shares some childhood memories and photographs and is giving away her book in a drawing if you leave a comment on the blog.

Michelle Ule, graduate of UCLA , member of the UCLA  marching band 
Join us on my When I Was Just a Kid blog today with Michelle Ule!