Friday, October 20, 2006

Flies in the Soup Friday

What is it about Fridays? I seem to spin more wheels on Friday than any other day.
No matter. Everyone is posting their 100 Things, 100 Preferences, etc. I decided today to post the flies of my life--those things which buzz around my head, annoying me when I should be thinking about blessings and good stuff.

See if these things annoy you, too. (This is my extreme dislike list...)

1. 4-way stop signs
2. Being late
3. Clutter
4. Impatient drivers
5. Japanese food
6. Dust
7. Self-righteousness
8. Mini-vans
9. Car trouble
10.Computer troubles
12.People who say, “You have no idea”/”You don’t understand”
13.Chin hairs/sunspots
17.Sitting in long sermons
18.Waiting for flights/airline terminals
19.Being stranded
20.Unsolicited phone calls
21.Grocery shopping
22.Fish (to eat, except tuna salad sandwiches)
23.Bad haircuts
25.Having nothing appropriate/comfortable to wear when I feel vulnerable at an event
26.Tanning booths
27.Denver International Airport in a snowstorm
28.Head-on wrecks
29.Tear-jerking novels
30. Morning News Shows
31. Someone holding my wrists
32. Meetings
33. Possums
34. Mice
35. Snakes
36. Being in smoky rooms
37. Diets
38. Dogs throwing up
39. My gray hair
40. black carpet
41. bees
42. camping
43. fishing
44. People who say, “You’re a city kid.” /“You’re too backwoods.”
45. People gossiping
46. Small town prejudice
47. Church denomination arrogance
48. People who try to force you to do what you don’t want to
49. People who say, “You don’t know art, so you can’t appreciate it.”
50. Petty Power Plays
51. Aqua-lung by Jethro Tull
52. Face piercings
53. Wearing glasses
54. Doctor appointments
55. Frying (but I like having fried)
56. Being too cold or too hot
57. migraines
58. mothballs
59. Shopping and no clerks around
60. sweating
61. trying to post a blog
62. Talking over the phone with a computer specialist
63. Crawling under my desk to find whatever the computer specialist tells me I have to find
64. Misunderstandings
65. Thinking of something to eat/cook
66. Trying to find a place when I'm in traffic
67. Waiting in a hospital to "hear"
68. Waiting for death to come
69. death
70. Picking out coffins
71. Being moved to tears in front of someone
72. cutting my dog's toenails
73. When someone I love hurts or is treated poorly
74. Concussions
75. Not knowing what colors to pick to wear
76. The laundry room
77. "Fake" iced tea
78. No electricity
79. No heat in cold weather
80. Planning parties
81. Bad hair days
82. Feeling dumpy
83. Mean neighbors
84. living in town
85. traffic
86. forgetting
87. hairspray
88. Hot Topic stores
89. Steaks too rare
90. Boring plays
91. Broken notebook rings
92. Cleaning out fridges
93. No place for quiet and solitude
94. remembering hurtful things
95. Playing games
96. Anger
97. Being pushed
98. Drunks
99. Being "by myself" at events
100. Staying home when I want to go
101. Going when I want to stay home


Anonymous said...

Heehee, I love #61 because it has become an extreme dislike of mine here lately!

Most of these annoy me too. I'm easily annoyed so I don't think I'll do a list like this, lol. I'd end up having to use three or four posts!

But I did enjoy reading your list!

Nancy said...

I hate #21 too. But I love that picture. Really just love it.

Cara Putman said...

Wow. That's quite the list, Crystal! And here I struggled to come up with a few things I absolutely love for my blog :-)

Unknown said...

Japanese food? You MUST be kidding! Hibachi and fried rice are my FAVORITES. Even have corrupted my 4 & 6 yr olds will request we eat Hibachi over McDonald's--now for that age, that's awesome! LOL

Crystal Laine said...

LOL, Robin, everyone loves Japanese food, it seems. I love trying new things, but once you have had it, and then you don't want to eat it, but someone continues to insist you will love it, is what I'm talking about here. (ha) What happens when you actually voice that you don't like to do something or eat something(and I don't say so until I've really tried it)--it seems to become a challenge for someone else to "convince" you that you will love it, too. "How could you not? I LOVE IT!"

I appreciate that you and your kids love it. My four boys, who love everything Japanese would join you. (And their best friend, "Jon the Mon" who is studying the Japanese language at Purdue and plans on living there, will also join you.) I do not wish to offend my Japanese friends, but the food isn't all my "cup o' tea." Maybe I just haven't had the one thing of the Japanese food that I would love. I love much about the culture.

Food is always the thing that divides and conquers most people over every other topic. People go to war over diets. It always amazes me. I would eat your Hibachi and rice if you asked me to (along with a piece of chocolate--not my favorite) but I wouldn't love it. LOL. I like rice, so maybe we would start there. Ha. Forget it if it has fish in it.

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Several of these jumped out at me...but hey--I have a mini van! LOL

Crystal Laine said...

LOL, Sabrina, no offense, but I hated driving a mini-van. Nothing personal...

Camy Tang said...

Do you know what's funny? I'm not nuts about Japanese food, either! (Oh, horror! The loud Asian chick hates her own ethnic eats!)