Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Teena Stewart

Busy? Yeah, Me, Too

Crystal, out wrestling alligators

I am an introvert. In fact on the scale of introversion to extroversion, I am negative 5 to the introversion side. (Well, almost. I scored no extroversion points at all.) Lately I've been interacting a lot with people, whom I love, and I do LOVE to be with them, but then I have to recharge. Today I'm exhausted. Forgive me if I'm mumbling.
On top of that, I seem to be in the public eyeball in the last few days, which makes me nervous.I feel totally unworthy and like a nutcase whenever this happens and get gibberishly insecure with thoughts like, "People will really hate me now," to what I think others' are saying behind my back, "What makes her so special? I know her, and she's a drip!" But I'm finally getting enough years on me that my tune is finally changing to,"I've lived long enough to say what I want and suffer the consequences." I shudder to think of how I will be if I reach the age of my grandmother (92.)
But I still tend to want to withdraw after being highlighted somewhere. However, the people who took time to put me there are really great people, and I would be remiss if I did not point some of these things out.
Writer Teena Stewart has more energy than the sun, I think. She runs a ministry for pastors called Ministry in Motion, as well as has written 1000s of articles, and now is publishing a book on small groups (more on that as the book is closer to publication.) I have co-written parenting articles with her and she has been in my critique/SALT support group for years(in fact, she started it!) She is artistic (paints fabulous furniture pieces, as well as commissioned paintings) and she now is working on fiction. She likes writing suspenseful and macabe-type stories--and some of them are a little chilling! She's finished a few manuscripts and I think you will soon be able to buy her published fiction. Oh, yeah. She's a web master. She knows html and all that stuff.
She started a blog for suspense writers and is featuring a piece I wrote ( will appear over several days) about getting ready for fiction contests. With the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis contest coming up, some of you may be interested in that. I don't have all the answers and I can't predict how a judge will react to your manuscript. I can tell you how I've judged manuscripts and a little of the criteria judges have to use. Of course, some of what I say, another judge may dispute, but hey, reading is subjective. Just ask an author who just got a scathing review! One of the main questions I hear writers asking is "To prologue or not to prologue. That is the question." If you need a prologue, write a prologue. But really need it if you do. My take on that. (How many prologues have you skimmed in your reading?)

Teena, wife to a pastor, busy mentor, prolific article writer, author, traveler,artist, speaker,webmaster,mom to 3, soon-to-be mom-to-the-bride and tough-love-critique-friend.

Next, I have to tell you--this blog was featured in a magazine called Savvy and the article will be up on the web site for the month of April, while the print magazine can be picked up in the Muncie area during that time. If you have come here because of that article, thanks for checking this place out! Go back into the archives for nostalgia. And do check out the links on the right.
This blog is mostly for nostalgia and things I am interested in telling you (or really, telling myself.) I do have a whole 'nuther persona who has professionally "fixed" fiction, done hundreds of published book reviews, and written client viabilities for agencies. I have some favorite authors/agents/editors who write about writing, and some you can check out at the right. But I do want to highlight author Tricia Goyer's new blog on writing called, My Writing Mentor. She called in some top guns to post for today and if you are a writer, you will want to check this out. One of her featured mentors, James Scott Bell ,has written one of the books I recommend all the time on writing, Write Great Fiction: Plot and Structure.
Be sure to come back here all month to check out the childhoods (with photos!) of various people I've interviewed. I was a little amazed that so many couldn't track down photos of themselves as a child. (They're not THAT old. Cameras go way back.) If you have left your parents' home, do be sure to ask for a few childhood photos. It's good to reflect on how you have grown and have a record of that.
Ok, back to hanging out in my cave. (Don't throw a can at me, Diann! I'm not really a bat.)


Vicki said...

Love your blog, Crystal, but that alligator----geez!:-)


Crystal Laine said...

LOL, Vicki, she felt like expensive leather, and really cool to the touch. Think of alligator shoes!

Hey, that reminds me of a blonde joke...

Thank you, so much, Vicki, for coming by and posting!