Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Need Some Help!

I've been going through a time where I am restyling my life---writing and personhood. While I focus on my writing and on my spiritual journey, I also am trying to be comfortable in my choices of my environment and even the clothes that I wear. (Yes, though I live in a house full of guys, I'm still a female.)

If you are interested in giving some opinions on color analysis, please drop by my personal blog. If you are signed up to follow that blog and leave a comment (with your contact email,) I'll enter you to win Lora Alexander's book, Color Revival. If you are in the public domain (writer, speaker,) you may be interested in getting your own analysis from Lora Alexander over at Pretty Your World. The links are on my Crystal Laine Miller blog.

Today is Part 1 of my Color Analysis. Should be fun, if nothing else!

Go to Crystal Laine Miller.

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