Monday, August 14, 2006

(Happy Anniversary, Tina and Bruce on August 17th--15 years!)

Tag, You're It!

Tricia Goyer has written some great stuff. Author of historical fiction (WWII) From Dust and Ashes, Night Song and soon-to-be-released Dawn of a Thousand Nights, she also writes articles and nonfiction books for teen moms. She is a part of several blogs, including a blog of writers' quotes. I really don't know how she gets so much done. I can barely put one word in front of another here and in other people's manuscripts. But on top of everything she does and writes, she also encourages communication with both readers and writers.

So, I read Tricia's blog because she has a lot to share for readers and writers (which would be me, both times.) And she tagged me. What that means is that someone tagged her as “it” (that would be Meredith Efkin, author of SAHM I Am/Steeple Hill) and so, according to the "rules," she had to tag five women bloggers to answer a question. The rules say:

1. Answer one of these questions(see below) on your blog.
2. Link back to whoever tagged you.
3. Tag 5 (or so) other bloggers.
4. Plus, check out previous responses, and if you know of a novel that pertains to the subject someone wishes they could write or would like to read about, suggest the novel to them in a comment.

Here are the questions tagged people (she said it had to be women bloggers only. Sigh.) :

If you could write a novel about any subject, what would it be (Just the subject—don’t give away your plot idea.) * I picked this one. But may try the others, too.
If just the thought of having to write anything gives you hives, what would you like to read about in a novel that you’ve never seen done before?
If you hate reading fiction (she says you can get counseling for that, but I find most refuse to face their problem) what subject might make you change your mind or try it anyway?

If I could write any novel I wanted to, I’d write on the subjects of the Underground Railroad set in Indiana (historical fiction;) ER doctors and their lives (romantic comedy or suspense;) small town humor and struggles (romantic comedy or suspense set in Indiana and Tennessee;) the story of Joseph from the Bible(Biblical fiction;) and trapshooting (romantic comedy.)

(You can see that I'm conflicted.Who am I, anyway?? I included genres I am thinking about. By the way, except for the Joseph story, I've written fiction using all of the above. Sigh. Maybe I should just stick to nonfiction writing--or take up another sport.)

Ok, I tag Sabrina, Cara, Kayleen, Bonnie, Michelle,Delia, Mary, Linda, Sara (“ 5 or so”—that’s what she said! ) and because I like to stretch the rules, I also tag Lee, because he’s my cousin, and I never liked it when they said someone couldn’t play…(ok, whatever.)

Also, if you’re a reader, go ahead and play in the comment section—(note the three areas above) or email me with what you say, and I’ll post it on another day’s blog. I look forward to what you all say in answer to the questions.

So, tag! You're all it. And if you have any suggestions for me and my own fiction, go ahead and let me have it, I'm listening--sort of. (I certainly dish it out to authors, so turnabout is fair play. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion--but maybe not necessarily on my blog.)


Delia said...


You share your name with my absolute best girl friend who's been my absolute best girl friend for over *ahem* 20 years now!

Yayy!! Thanks for tagging me! I ♥ being tagged. No matter if I've done it or not, I still ♥ being tagged!!!

Thanks for adding me also. I like your blog and I've added you too.

Tricia Goyer said...

I would pick the ER doctor one. For example, did you ever check out Travis Stork who was on The Bachelor? Poor ER doctor now has 2.3 million woman who know who he is. Hmmm . . . I wonder what type of injuries they'd risk to meet him????

Cara Putman said...

Crystal, love Tricia's twist on ER. You could have fun weaving that in as a subplot. :-)

Lee Warren said...

Took me a while, but I've responded in a post at Little Nuances today. Thanks for including me!