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Petra by T.L. Higley

PetraPetra by T. Higley

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Cassia and her son, Alexander, flee Damascus in A.D. 106 to seek her dead husband's family in the rock city of Petra. When she arrives, she's immediately accosted. Kind Christians take them in and help her to find her husband's family. The Christians become her allies when Alex is taken.Nobleman Julian has fled Rome where his fellow Christian friends are persecuted and martyred. He, too, seeks refuge in Petra. Cassia's and Julian's destinies intertwine as they race against an evil queen and her agenda to end all of their lives.

The well-developed characters, set in a plot pitting the forces of good versus evil, reveal a passion for Christ that is compelling. With political intrigue and faith to move mountains from this band of first-century believers with a fervor of what it means to follow Christ into spiritual warfare, there are lessons for us tucked into this fascinating story. Highly recommended.

Published in Church Libraries Winter 2010-11
By Crystal Laine Miller
Used with permission

by T.L. Higley
B&H, 978-14336-6856-2, PB, 331 pp. $14.99.

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