Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ok, I still haven't figured out how to take photos with my new cell phone, called a "Chocolate." My kids roll their eyeballs straight to the ceiling. It holds a charge pretty well so now I keep it on all the time. I got a text message and was able to send one back----sl----o---w---l---yyyyyyyyyyyy. I type fast on my keyboard but not on that thing!

I have a phone like the one above but it no longer is hooked up. I'm not sure if it would work. Back in the day when phones like that were the norm, you were on a party line. You could secretly pick up the line and listen in on someone else's conversation, unless they heard you, or you could call a neighbor for help, unlike before you had a phone. Times sure have changed.

For example, while on 465 coming around Indy on Sunday afternoon, a woman was traveling speed limit in the Indy 500, er, I mean, the third passing lane. We were nearly beside her in the middle lane. Some guy comes up behind her, honks his horn, and acts mad, moving his lips rapidly. (I could watch him as I was in the back seat.)Finally, she moves ahead of us, so the guy swerved quickly into our lane, nearly causing an accident with us, and then he dove in front of her trying to cut her off. He then sped away--sort of.

The lady he was so angry with, nearly causing major accidents because of his road rage? Well, she had a cell phone and wasn't afraid to use it. She filmed the incident with her phone, and then you could see her punching in numbers and talking on the cell. I assume she reported his road rage and his speeding and reckless driving. I felt a sense of justice as I watched her.

Not exactly a party line, and not exactly great, I realized, because I could never do what she did (I mean, I couldn't do all that with my phone, even though I would wish that I could!)But it did get me to thinking how a story set today has completely different ways to be plotted out. I saved this incident I observed to my files.

I may have to get my phone out to figure it out. Do you remember that Clint Eastwood movie where he is a Gunny and he and his troop gets shipped to the conflict in Grenada? In one scene there they find a phone, use a credit card to make a call to fire on the enemy (giving the coordinates.) Now, they could whip out their cell phone to call,use the GPS,and then take a film of what happens and post it on You Tube, I guess. (Or email it to the CO?)

It's been a rough day. I think I'll turn off my cell phone. Chocolate should be something you eat. I think that is the kind of chocolate I could use right now.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I'm with you Crystal. Chocolate is a delectable treat not a phone.

The last time I went into my local phone store, I wanted to replace mine with the same model. The sales representative almost fell on the floor laughing. "We don't make those anymore."

Ugh. I don't want to take pictures, text, play games, get on the Internet with my phone. I only want to make a call.

It's a wonder I can find my way around the Internet.

Susan J. Reinhardt :)

Crystal Laine said...

Susan, When we got our internet satellite updated, the gal on the phone offered me three packages, explaining in detail the swiftness of each. I hesitated, trying to pick and she says with probably a roll of her eyes, "Anything would be faster than what you have."

Well, twiddle-dee-dee!

LOL, on what you said.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. I want a phone with a qwerty keyboard, or at least with a bigger board than my phone. I can take pictures, haven't yet taken a video clip . . . but wow, that'd be cool! I don't text fast, but I'm faster than hubby, and nowhere near as fast as Lightning, er, Logan.

And I say uh oh, because I'm normally a curmudeonly 50+ yr. old who thinks all this new-fangled technology keeps many of us from enjoying the simpler pleasures in life.

But chocolate, ah, it's not just a treat. It's a necessity. I have 1 square of Dove dark almost every day, whether I need it or not, simply to enjoy the sheer pleasure of it's melty, succulent goodness for 4 scrumptious bites. And I'm a pusher . . . I keep them in a bowl on my desk ledge for everyone (mostly women!) to enjoy of an afternoon if they need a lift from it's melty goodness, too!