Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who Is This?

Who is my Mystery Reader of the Day?

You may have noticed that I love digging up old photos--my own, yours, and whoever else's I can find. Can you tell me who this is? She is reading, which makes her one of my tribe, but she is very famous. She is famous not so much for what she has done in the world of her own, but for the people she has influenced in many, many ways. She has been an intimate part of the lives of some of the most powerful men in history, and that makes her powerful.(Go ahead; edit that sentence. LOL. I know, I know, too many prepositional phrases....) A reading woman is a woman of great influence in the world.

While you mull on that, it's time to tell the whole story about President Ronald Reagan and how he influenced one author's career. Maybe we would've heard about that author eventually, but I do believe that there are no coincidences. I believe there is a plan in every person's life and it unfolds as we are obedient to our calling. Who knows how being faithful to your dreams will influence others?

You have to go back to the February 7th post and then read Carrie's guess. Carrie is a super smart woman and a reader (like the woman above) so while she may not have heard this story, she put together my sparse clues and is very sharp! The author that President Reagan skyrocketed into fame was Tom Clancy and the book was The Hunt for Red October. The actor who played Jack Ryan was Alec Baldwin. Sean Connery played Captain Marko Ramius of the Russian sub. I feel as if I should send Wild Blue Yonder Girl a prize, but knowing her, she has enough to read.

I have a meme that I am going to post soon about what you are reading, so be sure to put a really good book that you are reading close to your computer. I will tag some of my blogger friends, but I also want those of you who don't blog to post yours on this blog, either on the comments or you can send them to me. Stay tuned!

Post your guesses below on my Mystery Reader of the Day!


Anonymous said...

Pooh, I forgot Alec Baldwin played Jack Ryan first, probably because I'm not fond of Alec Baldwin. I always want more books and haven't bought many in the past year. I'm currently reading through my collection . . . again, and culling and weeding. I have entirely too many books, this despite having gifted away over 4,500 of my precious friends in the last 4 yrs. To remain on my shelves the book must be by one of my all time favorite authors, classic literature, or favorites I read again and again just because I love the book. An arduous task, one I secretly despise because I want to keep them all. However, my husband insists on being able to walk through the house unimpeded, to be able to place things on table tops which are free of stacks of books (ditto for floor space) and he refuses to put another bookshelf anywhere in the house (and believe me, I tried to convince him what we really need to do is carve into the walls and retrofit them with built-in shelving ... in 3 rooms in the house! Imagine this, he won't!).

Wait, today's mystery. My initial thought was Margaret Thatcher, except she's famous in her own right. So now I'm stumped, and feeling Pooh-ish I'm going to retreat to my thoughtful spot and see what emerges from my vast store of unrelated trivial information!

Thanks for the plug, dear Crystal, but I am not that smart . . . just a repository of odd bits of information, that may or not be retrievable on demand! I plead "Mom-entia" since I'm convinced raising children creates a serious deficiency of "little grey cells."

Off to ponder,
Wild Blue Yonder Girl (Carrie)

Crystal Laine said...

Ok, another hint. She was the wife of a President of the United States. (She is pretty hot in that swimsuit.)

Do you need a state?

Anonymous said...

Okay doll, here goes (thanks to your hint!): Betty Ford, final answer.

How'm I doin'?!!

Back to work!


Peggy Blann Phifer said...

I'm late on this and I'm going to take a wild guess on this: Jane Wyman, former wife to President Ronald Reagan, though not while he was the President. Am I close?

Crystal Laine said...

All good guesses--all wrong.

One last hint and this should give it away--it will surprise you.

She is also the mother of a President.

Do you recognize her?

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

It has to be Barbara Bush.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Bush!! No, I didn't recognize her!! Which makes me even more determined to stick with my health/fitness regime (workout plan courtesy of my kiddo)! So far, since Jan. 7th, I've worked out 21 times, 45 min. each time!!
Too bad Betty Ford was my final answer! hee

Karen Wingate said...

I'm not surprised it's Barbara Bush. There was an excellent article about her in Reader's Digest that profoundly influenced me in my approach to encouraging my children to read. She said the best way we can encourage our kids to love reading is to "Read, read, read." She encouraged parents to read to their kids even after the children learnedto read for themselves. And so we did. What a boatload of precious memories we have in addition to our girls loving reading about as much as we do.

Christine Lindsay said...

She was one beautiful woman then and just as beautiful now. Truly a woman to admire. I've always liked her too, and I'm Canadian. :) She's a woman for the whole globe.