Sunday, October 04, 2009

Trying a New Look, A New Voice

I've been working on my own fiction (as soon as I finish two more clients, I'll concentrate even more) and things are starting to come together for me.

I will still post books I'm recommending, author intros/subjects, writing advice, but I'll also focus more on things I'm interested in, as well, maybe as related to my own writing. It's a process.

I have been looking at the kind of fiction I read all the time to see just where I should be writing myself--and it seems to be romance as the overwhelming theme--romantic suspense, sweet romance, historical romance, medical romance and romantic comedy. I'm just a romantic at heart.

If you're looking for books to read, do check the link over to the right for the Fiction Finder on the American Christian Fiction Writers site. Awesome tool for readers.

And I do hope you'll join me as I will determine my post days. Let's meet on Monday and Thursdays and see if that works.

Anything in particular you want to talk about? If you could ask me any question, what would it be?


Story and Logic Media Group said...

I am glad you are going with the description of Writer. I knew you were. Doesn't mean you can't edit. But you do have something to say that only you can.

Carole said...

I like the new look, Crystal. And I don't think you can go wrong with any type of romance. I'm with you on that!

Christine Lindsay said...

I too love your new look. Those are gorgeous kids with a gorgeous Swedish looking mom. And I'm looking forward to one day reading your published novel. The day will come, and we'll be celebrating. :) And oh, yeah, any of Crystal's readers want to join me in a belated vote for "MENTOR OF THE YEAR". Oh forget, that, how about "BEST MENTOR OF ALL TIME." I've never met anyone more giving of herself than this lady.

Sue said...


I would join you in voting her to BEST MENTOR OF ALL TIME. Crystal is a darling for sure.

And girl, I too like the new look! Now I know what you have been up to. lol

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I thought I was at the wrong blog for a moment! The new look is fabulous. :)

I'm so glad you found a direction, and I'm looking forward to your posts.


Crystal Laine said...

Thanks so much (I'm a bit teary-eyed at such kind things said. And I'm putting them into my "kind words for a rainy day" folder!)

I'm actually working with that kid who is second from the left(all grown up) on a new web site, so this is just to bring me into that, while I'm developing. That kid, Jordan, is a professional songwriter, artist and web designer, so I'm hopeful there, too.

Praying for each one of you today. Thanks so much for the input.