Friday, October 09, 2009

The Strong Life Test for Women

I took this test put out by Marcus Buckingham and then bought the book(Thomas Nelson) While reading the book, it became apparent to me that maybe I had not answered the questions according to how I REALLY would act, so I retook the test. I really thought about these questions and just how I would react or choose. This time I came up with a totally different outcome. So, wanting to make sure the test outcome was valid for me, I took it days later (so I wouldn't remember the previous answers.) This time my results were the same as the second time. Going back to read the book again, these results seemed to make me relax. I saw that it was more in line with the moments in my life when I felt strong.

Here are my results. What were your results? (Women only at this time.)



You begin by asking:
'What can she learn from this?'
Your focus is instinctively toward the other person. Not her feelings, necessarily, but her understanding, her performance, her skills.
Your best quality:
Your faith in the others’ potential
Tailor your style to each student
Be careful you:
Don’t come to believe that everyone is capable of everything
Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid to facilitate the success of others.

Supporting Role


You begin by asking:
'What do I understand?'

You aren’t immune to the feelings and perspectives of others, but your starting point is your own insight, your own understanding.

Your best quality:
Your ability to find patterns invisible to others

Find time to be by yourself

Be careful you:
Don’t think so long, you never do anything

Your smartest career move:
Any job where you’re paid to produce new content.

What made me realize this was more accurate was the "Be careful" parts to both. I can think tooooo long. I also think ANYONE can have potential and it sometimes takes me thinking too long to realize that there are a lot of things which must line up in a person for them to learn something.

Now, what were your test results? Do you think it was accurate? If you think it might be off, then try answering the questions again and see what happens. Wait a couple weeks and then retake the test.

And while I really like what this book has to say, I wish that it gave me more practical tips on how to get into my strengths and what I should be doing to make my life strong NOW.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Crystal -

I also came up as a Teacher. :)

Thanks for a fun test for a dreary Saturday.


Crystal Laine said...

Hi, Susan, What was your support role?

The very first time I took it I came up Motivator with a support role of Weaver. Yes, that sort of describes me, but in the book it talks about the things you do in your strengths, changing jobs, finding where you should be to always be in those strengths.

I'm wondering if you should read the book? Can you get it from the library? (Let me know.)