Sunday, March 01, 2009

You Like Cats? I'm Mad About Cats...

This is a funny site online. I posted it for my friend, Nancy, today. She has a gorgeous cat named Katerina. Check out Nancy's blog and her art books that she makes on her Etsy site, too.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Crystal -

Oh, this is sooo cute! I had a black tuxedo cat and a gorgeous tabby for 13 years. They're both in kitty heaven now, but have many good memories.

Susan :)

Lisa Lickel said...

Funny - I can't have a housecat due to allergies of people with whom I live, so I have fun writing them into some of my books. Is there something out of whack when the cat character gets an interview over the author? -

Crystal Laine said...

Oh, funny, Lisa!

Cats are hilarious and entertaining. I love hearing about my friend, Nancy's cat. We have a stray cat out here(we live in the country) who is insistent that she's "ours." She even rubs herself on my Westie when I take my dog outside.

I had cats at my last house, a white deaf cat and a pure black cat we named "El Cid." Once we moved here we decided no more cats in the house.

Nancy said...

Thanks Crystal! I love that site! I oughta take some pics of Katerina and put them on there.


Christine Lindsay said...

How'd I miss this posting. I LOVE cats. And this posting is hilarious. Like Susan, I'm waiting for heaven because I know there will be 3 kitties there waiting for me. I'm not going to get into the theology of that. All I know is I serve an awesome God who can recreate my pets if He wants to. And He's such a wonderful Heavenly Father---He just might bring back Puss Puss, Brown Cat, and Princess Daisy.