Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Is as Fun Does

Ok, not quite a Forest Gump quote, but hey.

I 've been cleaning out my wardrobe. Do you know how many mistakes I've made both in style and colors? It's not pretty. But where I donate some of the nearly new clothes means someone will benefit from my mistakes, which means it is alllll goooood. I'm an optimist, but a realist, too. I waste money on clothes and that's not good.

I've been talking to a real color consultant about "my colors." She would like sometime to drape me and I can hardly wait.

I was diagnosed a spring a long time ago, but the woman who draped me ( was in my mid-twenties,) took forever to decide. I think she finally just flipped a coin. (Between summer and spring.) Another color consultant declared me a winter! And finally, another one said I was an autumn. Ok, I can't be all colors. In all of this, I also have a lot of makeup that doesn't work.

I would love to have a nice, color-coordinated wardrobe and makeup. When my friend, Linda,was close to 50, she completely gutted her wardrobe, got rid of every single thing that wasn't in her Deep Autumn palette, and lined up everything according to style, colors, etc. I loved her closet and she could always get dressed and always looked radiant no matter how she felt. I have stood in my closet putting on one thing, then another, throwing things into a pile. And you know what I do? I put on the same outfit I always wear, which doesn't make me feel that great.

So, what are my best colors? I don't really know. I don't even have my hair color right, I think. What I have done lately is try to live in one palette for a week, and see if I get any compliments on how I look. (This is not reliable. ha) I have mostly black and denim in my closet--and I know black is not a good color for me.

I don't even know for sure what my favorite color is.Over the years I've lost my color sense for myself. I don't really like spring colors to wear. I think this is why over and over I am at a loss at what colors look best on me. I know what I don't like, though. I dislike wearing peach, camel or the warm peachy pinks. I dislike the makeup colors of peach, coral, too. So, spring can't be my colors, can they? I know I like saturated colors. I'm not crazy about super bright colors. I've gotten compliments when I wear royal blue, spruce green, purple, light blue, a sort of raspberry color and jade.

Here are some famous people by seasons. Of course, there are variations within each season:

Cool Seasons

Winter Colleen Coble(I think all of the Girls Write Out girls are winters.)


Warm Seasons



This is what I know about myself. Maybe you "see" something:

I have translucent white skin-you can see my veins very plainly.
I have blue eyes, but they have some strange color around the pupil.
There is a dark rim around my iris.
My lips have faded to a pale mauve color.
I have no eyebrow color or eyelash color.
I was a towhead as a child.
I have colorless cheeks without makeup.
Light colors wash me out.
I don't think I have much melanin in my skin or eyes.(Even eye doctors have said I have no color in the back of my eyes.)
I burn easily, and have little tan, even if I do tan.
My hair darkened significantly when I was about 31.
I don't like a lot of the spring colors, like peach and camel.
My friends try to put me into blue gray, and I do like that color--especially denim.

So, do you know what season you fall into?


Pam Halter said...

A friend told me a long time ago that green was my color. But I think I like a mossy green or a sea green better than a grassy green.

I also like the fall colors; cranberry, dusky purple, teals, Colonial blues, browns and dark green.

However, in the summer, I tend to have lighter color clothing.

I supposed it all comes down to my mood in the end.

Georgiana Daniels said...

I'm a Winter, for sure, which is good because I like the colors that Winters wear. I once heard that the shades your eye is most attracted to are the colors that might be best for you.

Crystal Laine said...

Pam, that sounds like autumn, but it could also be summer due to the sea greens. Do you like golden browns or rosey browns? Since you don't like mossy greens (that's autumn) and no grassy greens (that's spring) then that puts you in summer. Unless you are like Diann Hunt who likes brown as a winter, but winters can't wear browns successfully! ha

Georgiana, I will try that. I sort of have forgotten what colors I like. I used to love purples, but except for a Pike Market Seattle sweatshirt that I've hung onto for 20 years (hmmm) I have no purples at the moment. (Maybe that's why I'm so not satisfied with my wardrobe!) I also like a pale yellow. I am attracted to the summer palette's plums and purples.

I had heard that you would have some colors that you instinctively reach for to "feel better" but we are so conditioned by things like our mother putting us in certain things, or fashion colors that we lose our own instinctive sense of colors.

You definitely look like a winter to me!

This is fascinating to me.

Delia said...

I have no idea what season I am. I think I knew once upon a time but I can't remember it. I'm such a fashion slob anyway; my wardrobe is mostly about comfort and I just choose colors that I like.

I've heard that, too. The colors you're most attracted to are more than likely the right ones for you.

Pam Halter said...

I do like mossy greens ... all sorts of browns, too. I guess I really am autumn. :)

N. J. Lindquist said...

I'm a winter. Love being a winter, although my favorite colour is probably orange! You're sounding like what I recall as being a summer that is sort of on the borderline. If your skin is closer to pink than ivory, then you are cool. If black is too strong but pastels are too weak, then you can choose some of the colours
from either. And yes, getting draped by a pro would really help.