Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random Things

I have been double-tagged. Gatorskunkz and Mudcats blogger Delia has tagged me to post 8 random things about me, and Cara over at The Law, Books and Life also got me to post 7 random things about me! Sheesh, that's 15 things about me. I've been trying to get away from some of the things about me on my blog. In fact I haven't even done a When I Was Just a Kid blog about myself, because I don't know what I'd answer! (My "Kids" are awesome to answer my probing prompts!)I hope you have been enjoying all of these When I Was Just a Kid posts. Please scroll down to the right on the links and see who has been featured at the Chat 'n' Chew.They are interesting!

Ok, here goes. Not sure if this is a good idea.

1. My mom got TB when I was one year old, living in a hospital for several years in Indiana. I went to live with my grandparents and dad's extended family in Tennessee. My heart is always in Tennessee.

(Me with my Granddaddy Warren in Tennessee)

2. I changed diapers for nine years. (I have four "stair-step" boys.)

3. I was a teacher for 10 years.

4. I was the dessert girl in my college cafeteria.

5. I was voted Best Actress of my HS graduating class.

6. I played Hot Lips Houlihan in our HS play, "M*A*S*H*

7. I was born on Indiana's state birthday.

8. I coached a champion girls' track team.

9. I also coached basketball.

10. I also coached cheerleaders.

11.I won the medal for English in HS and a journalism scholarship. (I was sports editor and art editor.)

12. I was a journalism major in college, but eventually changed to elementary ed. Am somewhat torn about having made that decision, but what's done is done.

13. I loved teaching P.E. and consider that the only job that I absolutely adored.

14. I took a "boot camp" fitness class from a former Navy SEAL and kicked butt, even beating him in a foot race once (I said "go!" and took off first.ha)

15. I am way out of shape right now and couldn't out run a slug. Depression and oldness is a terrible thing. I have no fitness buddies here or goals.

Now I'm supposed to "tag" other bloggers. Sigh. I would love it if you people reading this would just comment one random thing about YOU on this blog. I am monitoring the comments, but I do allow ANYONE to post comments. Please do. Tell me something about YOU.

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Delia said...

Hot Lips was one of my favorite characters on M*A*S*H*, along with Hawkeye that is.

Wow on the fitness class from the former Navy SEAL, I probably would've ran home crying.

Depression is a very terrible thing and I'm so sorry that you've suffered from it.

If I lived near you, even though I'm a lazy bum, I'd be your fitness buddy.

(Oh BTW, I'm part Cherokee too.)