Friday, February 02, 2007

OK, I admit it.

I live in Indiana. You may have heard about our football team. The one spending a few days in Florida with our neighbors, these growly Bear creatures gearing up for Sunday night. Our house is a bit divided on the outcome issue, however. Some are true navy blue and orange fans--and some would like to see Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy and those baby horses in true blue and white bring home the trophy. I'm not telling you who I think I'd like to see in the winners' circle, because, well, I love all the guys. No favoritism shown.

I've played sports (if you go by the photo, all of my life!) I've coached teams, played on teams, taught the fundamentals of sports and coached a team which won a championship. Fun times. If I compete any now, it's laid back and I don't really care anymore if I win or lose.

One of my "team members" in trapshooting is in a major competition coming up in a few days. He is undergoing a surgery to harvest his stem cells and then will have them replaced by some they got from him many years ago in case he got to this place--the place where cancer is trying to win. This place is the competition for survival. I'm praying hard. I don't know the outcome of this game, but I do have an idea of what is on the other side if he loses. There was no one who was found that matches him, or they'd be transplanting from a friend or family member.

He is a veteran and can make the most beautiful carved wood pieces. He is brilliant, reads prolifically, masters crosswords easily, funny, talented in shooting and making guns, knows everything about black powder shooting and the lifestyle of pioneers, and he brought many a person through surgery as a nurse anesthetist. He is huge--a giant guy who raised two smart kids and has two grandkids, as well as a wife we call the "Saint." He's the son of a former U.S. Marshall. If you think about it, pray for Ken on Feb. 6.

* * *

I told you in the previous post that I love the movie, Groundhog Day. Well, today IS Groundhog Day and The Groundhog didn't see his shadow, which means according the experts that spring is sooner rather than later. I hope so! If he had come out here, he would've seen his shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter. I saw a fat squirrel sitting on a branch outside my porch window eating a nut. I figure maybe soon isn't that far-fetched.

In my dad's family nicknaming people is rampant. My dad's nickname was "Groundhog." Maybe that's why when I see a groundhog I think of him and all the family fun and foolery that happens when there is laughter, a bit of teasing and good times. I remember my dad's family being warm and welcoming, loving you for who you were. It didn't stay that way, but back when it was, it was heavenly.

I didn't get a nickname from family. I'm not sure why. Well, they did shorten my name because they didn't really care for my real name. They still call me this, even though I married a guy with the same name, so he always called me by my given name, but they won't.

Names and nicknames are intriguing to me. Some of my girlfriends in high school gave each other nicknames. Mine was "Beanpole" and "Crissy Woman" and I'm still not sure how that happened. When I see those girls, I still get called by my nicknames and I can't help but call them by theirs.

On Groundhog Day I'm allowed to meander in topics and thinking. Give me a break. I've got a lot on my mind. How about you?


Delia said...

I'll pray for your friend.

And since it doesn't matter to me one way or the other, I hope the team you want to win does, whichever one that may be.

Crystal Laine said...

Thank you,Delia, for praying for Ken. He started his long road on this cancer trip and soon he will be quarantined--for months. (Since they kill off all the stem cells.) So many of our friends and family have had cancer. It touches everyone.