Monday, November 06, 2006

Blue Plate Special Day

My friends have all done these 100 Somethings, so today is one of those days for me. Here are my current 100 Preferences. Subject to change at the will of the chef here.

Crystal’s 100 Preferences
1. Country-living over living in towns, cities or neighborhoods
2. Country music over most every other kind of music, but only by a big hair
3. Rings over other types of jewelry
4. Polished toenails over non-polished
5. Dark polish over pastels
6. Boots over all types of shoe-wear
7. Iced Raspberry tea over most types of drinks
8. With crushed ice, over non-ice,cubed ice or hot
9. Health Nut bread over white
10. Lay’s Potato Chips over any sweets, including chocolate
11. Black coffee over flavored coffee
12. Coke over Pepsi
13. Staying up late over getting up early
14. Blue jeans over khakis
15. Wood and tiled floors over carpeted
16. Leather furniture over fabric
17. Suburbans over mini-vans and Hummers
18. Black over blue cars
19. Salty over Sweet
20. Sausage, green pepper and mushroom pizza over pepperoni pizza
21. Casual over formal
22. Jackie Chan movies over Bruce Lee movies
23. Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery over all other James Bonds
24. Dogs and cats over horses and guinea pigs
25. Daisies, Lilacs and Roses over Carnations
26. Star on top of Christmas tree over angels
27. Potatoes over all other side dishes
28. Loose watchbands over tight
29. My worn out NIV-Thompson Chain Reference Bible over all my other Bibles
30. Rivers over oceans
31. Local cookbooks over all other types of souvenirs (unless I’m visiting Australia—then I want an opal)
32. Stoneware over china
33. stoneware plates over paper plates
34. McDonald’s fries over all others’ except Steak and Shake’s
35. Oranges over apples
36. Cinnamon-scent over vanilla, fruit, flowers candles
37. Jeeps and pickup trucks over sports cars
38. White pines over other pines
39. Walnuts over peanuts
40. Barns over high-rises
41. Paper over plastic bags
42. Pies over Cakes
43. Hershey’s chocolate over any other brand (yes, really)
44. Peanut M & Ms over Plain
45. Robert Bateman and N.A. Noel over Picasso
46. Monet over Rembrandt
47. Romantic comedies over romantic dramas
48. Football over boxing (hate boxing)
49. Sweatshirts over sweaters
50. Cashmere or cotton over wool sweaters
51. Berries over melons
52. Salad over soup
53. Books and movies over symphonies and plays
54. Art galleries over zoos
55. Libraries over coffee shops
56. BBQs over Soirees
57. Elvis over the Beatles—but only by a hair
58. Dancing over sitting
59. Med-well over rare
60. Vanilla over chocolate ice cream
61. Cheeseburgers over chicken sandwiches
62. Book and movie discussions over politics
63. Yelling at ballgames, rather than sitting passively
64. coaching track over basketball
65. Playing rather than watching
66. Reading over board or video games
67. NASCAR over Indy Car
68. Sports movies over the film festival ones
69. Happy endings over sad, tragic endings
70. Indiana Jones’ Harrison Ford over Star Wars’ Harrison Ford
71. Cornbread or biscuits over desserts
72. Meg Ryan over Meryl Streep
73. Country Living magazine over Ladies Home Journal
74. Sports Illustrated over Newsweek
75. Dolly Parton over Celine Dion
76. Johnny Cash over Waylon Jennings
77. Makeup over no-makeup
78. Quilts over fuzzy blankets
79. Keens over Manalo Blahniks
80. Brighton over Coach
81. Chili over Chicken soup
82. Scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy rather than cereal
83. Funny over schmaltzy
84. 300-count cotton over silk/satin sheets
85. Down comforter over bedspread
86. Side-sleeping or stomach, rather than back
87. Field trip chaperone rather than planning class parties
88. Novels over poetry
89. Typing on computer word processors over manual typewriters
90. Clocks over no clocks
91. Saying getting “a Coke” over pop, soda or drink
92. Motorcycles over bicycles
93. Shooting sports over other sports (to participate)
94. Auto-racing over other sports (to watch)
95. HGTV over Network stations
96. Gem show over Knife show
97. American football over soccer
98. Savannah over Vegas
99. Poirot over Sherlock Holmes
100. My boys’ art projects over all other artists


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I prefer a lot of the same stuff! But there are a couple, especially, you know, the preferring vanilla over chocolate that's different for me, lol.

Crystal Laine said...

LOL, Delia, I knew you were a kindred spirit!

How's that NaNoWrMo coming??
Hope Angel is better. Praying for her.

Terry Whalin said...


What a fascinating list! I'll have to go back and study it.

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