Thursday, October 19, 2006

You Ever Have One of Those Days?

I saw this photo in my file, and thought, "Yeah, I'm having one of them kinda days."

This is me a few years back when I was living with my Grandparents in Tennessee. (They lived out in the hills and had chickens. I hated the chickens. If they laid a chicken feather on anything they didn't want me to bother, I would walk around it by miles.)

But how I look in this photo is how I feel today. Some days you have bad hair days (like a couple days ago) and then the bad hair catches up with the rest of you. I'm aching all over, and maybe it is the flu. Anyway, time will tell the story.

I have been reading all kinds of stuff today, but am unable to concentrate well. But Health magazine had these tips about "what to eat when..." and that got my concentration. If I can eat my way out of it, well, hold all of my calls!

What do you eat when you can't sleep? They say to try whole grains with protein. So, try eating a half-cup of whole grain cereal with skim milk before you go to bed. I should already have known this one. My dad, the King of Insomiacs (being a trucker, he had irregular hours)used to have a bowl of cereal before going to bed. Turns out this releases serotonin in your brain. Or if you eat a turkey sandwich (with whole grain bread or a whole grain pita pocket) that will do the trick, too--try a half cup skim milk with it. My mom used to say to warm up the milk and add a touch of real butter to it. Hmm. Probably just relaxes you.

So, what if you're coming down with a cold? Well, if you have a fever, you can get dehydrated pretty fast. You know that chicken soup you're supposed to eat? Turns out that you need to add either onions or garlic to it. Garlic has some sort of fight in it that gives your body a boost. The liquid is good for dehydration, and it being warm helps with the other icky stuff going on (the sniffles.)

I would like to hang out here some more, but my head just hit my keyboard twice in rapid succession, and I have to keep correcting this.

Let me know your best "I'm sick" remedy. What makes you feel better when things are going not too good?

My mom always made me red Jello when I was sick. There's something about even seeing red Jello that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Also, she had this Friendship Tea that she made when I'd have my yearly pneumonia and round of colds. Because it was made from powders(Tang/tea/lemonade,) I took a jar of it with me to college. I'd heat some water and have a cup of comfort from home pronto. As soon as I'm feeling better, I'll post the recipe.

Off to make a cup of my blueberry green tea.

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Anonymous said...

When I was sick my mama used to give me chicken soup and warm jello water. I don't know if the jello water actually did anything, but I loved it! It always made me feel better. But the absolute best thing is lots of rest in front of the tv with thick socks on. Cures everything! lol.

{psstt, for those of you other bloggers reading these comments...don't ignore my poor pitiful plea...puh puh puhlease}ROFL, that was too funny! I loved it!!!

Nancy said...

Wow, what timing. The insomnia is about to do me in. I'm going to try your idea. Not the jello tho- yuck.

Camy Tang said...

Now ladies, no mud wrestling here.

Thanks for the plug, Crystal!

Cara Putman said...

I love that tea! We always called it Russian spice tea for some reason. And just yesterday Abigail asked if we could make some.

I'll have to try the bowl of cereal before bed.