Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Linder Woman!

Back in the day,Linder Woman and I were friends in high school and roommates in college. We were in the same youth group, took this trip out West with our good friends Linda and The Chief, and were in each other's weddings. Our oldest sons were born a month apart.

But this guy in the photo isn't our "Chief," but a guy making a living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We still have stories about that trip. It was the summer before we started college and I am forever grateful to Chief, Linda and Linder Woman for saving me that summer. I have stories for a lifetime from that trip.

Today's her birthday, and she will always be special. She's like family to me, even though I don't see her much now.

She's one of the best people on earth. Happy Birthday and Salute to Linder Woman!(Almost made it to half-a-century!)

Love, "Beanpole" (why she gave me that nickname, I STILL don't know, but I'm getting suspicious that she was teasing me...)

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