Friday, March 09, 2007

Notice Any Changes??

Tweak, tweak, find, find. I like to improve upon systems, looks, etc. I changed some things here.

First of all I added a quote up above in the header. Love that quote. It relates to my tagline: Mostly Homespun, Thoroughly Hoosier.

Next, I added a widget thingie from my friend MacroMoments' and her Photo Buffet.(Got to have a buffet in a cafe', right??) She has the best photographs, and I enjoy her insights into life that she writes on her blog. I wish I could frame her photographs and put them into my house. Maybe we'll be able to buy her photos in a book one day soon--and when that happens, I'll be the first to buy that book!

Next, my friend and fellow wordsmith, Terry Whalin, has so much to tell writers about viral marketing and about the conference he just attended--so I added the "Find this page interesting? Send this page to a friend!" that he directed readers and writers to check out. That's just fun. I'm always amazed that anyone reads this blog, and I'm always so happy to get a comment, but this invites you to share the link with a friend. Thanks, Terry!

You can get the widget from MacroMoment's blog or make your own. You can also get the "Send this page to a friend," button.

Finally, maybe you've wondered what the Feedblitz box is to the right where you can enter your email address. If you would like my blog to be delivered to your email box, this is the place to sign up. If you sign up and would rather just come to the blog (which is the only way to track the traffic and readers) then you can unsubscribe, so it's not like a forever thing. It really is just a convenience for readers. I am signed up for several of the blogs listed in my links and when I'm really busy, I just read them in my email box (and can download them.) I also know when they've made a new post.

It is a gadgety world. I love gadgets, though I don't always understand them. I like sparkles and blings and worky things. If I find anything else, I'll be sure to let you know.

By the way, be sure to check out
Christian Women Online. There are articles, other blogs (lots!) and plenty of blings and buttons. It's a fun place to explore.

1 comment:

Macromoments said...

Crystal, thank you for honoring Photo Buffet by adding a widget! That was such a nice surprise, and I appreciate it - and you. I'm honored to be a buffet in your Chat 'n Chew Cafe!

I've loved your writing from the beginning because you're candid and nostalgic, and your words reflect what God is doing in your life. It's inspiring whenever I come here.