Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Egg-zactly Spring!


This is not a trick.

Spring has OFFICIALLY arrived. This egg stood on end without assistance of any kind at exactly 8:07 p.m. in Indiana and it lasted almost 10 minutes before falling over.

Awesome,huh? My son, Max, has a science teacher who said it could be done, so he went out, stood the egg on end and it worked! When it finally fell over, no matter how he tried to stand it up, it wouldn't. Thus, spring has come. And we saw it--live, in person.

I've been dragging for a couple months. Had the flu for about two weeks. Was depressed, and feeling frumpy. I asked my girls (a group I've talked about before) for advice on a makeover. I mean, I have been in the dumpster attitude-wise. But this little experiment, demonstration, made me wonder at the awesomeness of God and the fun He must have thinking this stuff up. I almost danced with giddiness, and it was great to see Max's face when it really happened.

So, here's to Ms. Goshorn for suggesting it to her students. And here's to God for allowing me to see it happen--spring arrived and maybe I'll make it, after all.


Sabrina L. Fox said...

Ahhh...wish you had emailed me this before. I'd have had Tanner do it for fun.

He loves all things science. Today we were talking about college. (He's almost 8 you know!) Anyway, he asks, Mom will they let me learn lots of science in college? I said, honey you can even be a "science" major and take loads of science classes. So he thinks for a minute and says..."Yep, when I grow up I'm going to be a science major." LOL.

Next time share those experiments. ;) Let's get together SOON!

Sheryl said...

Very cool about the egg :-)

Sorry to hear you've been sick and down in the dumps. I certainly know what those "dumps" can be like. I recently went through several months of that too. In my case, there was something in my life that I knew needed to change, yet I didn't really want to do the work necessary to change it. However, God is faithful, and one morning I just woke up with the desire to start taking the small steps I needed to get back on track again.

That tends to be just how God wired me, but I know He'll get you through, and past, this time as well.


Delia said...

Wow! on the egg thing.

I'm sorry you've been feeling bad. I hope it all turns around for you soon. Love and (((hugs))) to you my friend!

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

That is so weird!!!

I totally have to try that. See what happens when you ignore all science elementary science instruction because you were too busy reading novels???

Crystal Laine said...

Ah, Sabrina, I didn't know about it until a little before he went out and did it or I would've called you!
I'm so honored you all left comments.(That cheers me up, too!--Thank you!)
Sarah, I totally love your new photos! I'm inspired!