Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Almost Spring

Almost Spring
Spring usually comes in staggering steps around here in Hoosierland. Today it is 70, I have the windows thrown open, and I hear little birdies who have been absent for months. My daffodils are peeking out of the soil and the buds are beginning to swell. It looks like Mudlavia around here, but most of the snow has melted. Motorcycles are roaring around, taking advantage of the window of weather.
But come Friday we are supposed to plunge back into the 30s. Probably will freeze whatever has survived thus far. A few years ago I spent this time of year in Savannah, Georgia. I made my husband click a photo (though I hate photos) in front of this gorgeous azalea bush at a gun club where we were competing. It was just plain unbelievable to me that in the same world where we had left a blizzard and measurable feet of snow, this was blooming.
So it is in life. In one part of the world it is nice and happy, and in another place it is cold and dreary. I belong to a little group of writers who have kept in touch by email for many years now(and occasionally we have critiqued one another.) Two are in California, one in Illinois, one in Georgia, one in Alaska, one in Ohio and two of us are on opposite ends of Indiana. We share our lives, the weather, prayer requests, latest writing adventures or dreams. We've done makeovers, laughed with delight, and cried when one of us has hurt. We've celebrated a wedding, an honorary doctorate, a real estate license exam passing score, two graduations from college and getting a job, book contracts, selling articles, and buying a new home.But we've also mourned deaths, loss of jobs, marriage, illnesses with close family and ourselves, and disappointments of various natures in writing.
I live in the never-ending "almost spring" lately when it comes to writing. I know that there are plenty of others who have bloomed and are living their dreams in spring and summer. I've edited quite a few of those dreams that became realities. I'm not even sure what I'm doing anymore with my own writing. And I've been so ill recently, I can't even concentrate on editing. (Hopefully, this is going to pass soon as I have several waiting.)
They say spring is coming. I'll believe it when I see it!
(I know, I know--hang in there, Crystal! I am. I think.)
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Becky said...

I know what you mean about feeling like you are living in a different season from the people around you. Apart from the obvious weather issues, I am SO jealous of your daffodils, we still have around 3 feet of snow here in Saskatchewan, sometimes I look around me and wonder why it seems like I can't seem to get in synch with people the same age as me. I always seem to be a step behind... Spiritually, emotionally, FINANCIALLY, and with my career and family. It's hard for me to leave those things in God's hands and be okay with where I am. I want to speed ahead to get to all the good "summer" stuff, and sometimes I think I miss the beauty of winter in my hurry.

(Thanks for the visit to and comment on my blog by the way! I love "meeting" new people.)

Crystal Laine said...

Yes, and spring officially arrives here on the 21st (tomorrow from this post.) What's funny is whenever I like a landscape painting or photograph (to think about hanging in my home) I always pick the winter scenes! Talk about irony. Maybe I should hang opposite season pictures in my home so I won't miss a thing!