Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I got this from Just a Little Smoother in Your Hand: A Little Stone blog. Kind of fun. You might get the feeling I'm a bookworm with a cheeseburger and a Coke. Hmm.


Eric said...

I liked it so much I stole it from you (giving you credit of course). A nice diversion for a very crazy few days. Thanks

Renaissance Blogger

Delia said...

This is way cool!

Teena Stewart said...


What a fun experiment. BTW, love your cute photo on the front of you as a kid.

Teena Stewart said...

What a fun experiment. You Hoosiers really know how to kick it up. Ha ha.

BTW, love your kiddie picture on the home page.


Crystal Laine said...

This IS cool, Eric, and I liked yours, too.(I'll be back!) I see that the Barbie Girls have one (editor Becky!) on their site, too (editors at Barbour.) Can't wait to see everyone else's, too.

Teena! I'm so happy to see you!