Monday, November 27, 2006

Straight Talk for a Bargain:
49 Cents Makes Good Sense

I've purchased plenty of books at because it is convenient and I live where it is not easy to get to a bookstore. Recently, I've become aware of Amazon Shorts--short stories and short nonfiction for only 49 cents to be downloaded onto my computer. I can see if I like a certain author or read something for less than it would be to purchase a magazine.

Since I've also published nearly 500 book reviews and have worked freelance for editors and agents in reading/doctoring manuscripts, I've read a lot and fixed a lot of manuscripts. So, when I saw that editor and author Terry Whalin had an Amazon Short up for only 49 cents,(Straight Talk from the Editor: 18 Keys to a Rejection-Proof Your Submission) I purchased it right away to see if it would be something to pass along to the many writers with whom I've come into contact. It is a gold mine of information--and only 49 cents!

He is up-to-the-minute in the writing world and gives a lot of advice for writers--for not much more than your time spent. What a great resource and generous offering to writers. Be sure to also check out his blog, The Writing Life, for insights into current highlights in the publishing world.

You can't get a magazine, a comic book, a cup of coffee, a loaf of bread or even a pound of bananas for 49 cents! But you can possibly save yourself a lot of heartache from a lot of rejections by taking time and 49 cents to read this Short. My review? Worth it and more.


On to My 1000 Gifts today:

101. warm weather as we approach December
102. pork tenderloin on the grill because of the warm weather!
103. my Memphis cookbook with a scrumptious marinade recipe
104. Christmas decorations with lots of memories
105. twinkling multi-colored Christmas lights
106. yummy Mediterranean pasta salad
107. my precious Nativity that sister-in-law Melba made and gave to my husband and me for our first Christmas together as a married couple (25 years ago)
108. Super Glue--that saved poor Joseph's head when he fell over and cracked (we DO have four boys...a miracle the Nativity set has survived this long)
109. Claritan--because warm weather always kicks up some sort of allergy
110. my olive-colored Salomon sneakers with the tromped down heels--comfort in a shoe
111. freshly-made coffee and a thoughtful husband
112. a strong and friendly writing community
113. Imy's cherry pie!
114. online shopping to avoid the crowds
115. family updates from my mom's sister, Aunt Mayme
116. My Aunt Linda
117. the crinkling sound of raffia
118. My Cowboys & Indians magazine
119. A Savior who is Christ the Lord
120. A great story in Luke 2
121. Our huge family Bible
122. freedom to talk about what we believe and not to be put into jail or
killed for it
123. freedom to blog!
124. music
125. music my husband and boys play
126. a voice to sing (even if only my dog appreciates my voice)
127. a warm shower and great accoustics
128. a variety of colors
129. gold rings my true love gave to me
130. scents of cinnamon and pine

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Terry Whalin said...


Thank you for the kind words about my Amazon Short. I'm trying to improve the quality of our submissions as writers and give folks the simple tools they need to boost their own success rate. In some small way, it's making a difference.

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