Saturday, November 18, 2006

I like lists. Even if I don't accomplish all the things on my lists, I feel a sense of accomplishment just having the list--lists of groceries, things to be done, lists for gifts, lists of my treasured things/people/places, lists of peeves.

So, when the Christian Women Online's Ann Voskamp challenged us to blog our 1000 Gifts this season, I immediately began thinking of just what kind of gifts I receive or give each day. Click on the photo to find out more about this, and to see how many unique gifts there are (there is a list of bloggers participating in this.)

1. A husband, whom I admire, who challenges me each day
2. Four boys who call me "MOM!"
3. My worn-out Thompson Chain Reference Bible with the marked pages I can turn to just the verse/passage I need easily
4. A dog who won't let me lie in bed all day--makes me get outside and feel the crisp air
5. Friends who won't lose touch and continue to email me
6. Sleep (in a cozy bed)
7. A book that makes me think about it even two days after putting it down
(Coming to America: Patterns of Love by Robin Lee Hatcher)
8. Sunshine after days of rain, flooding and gray skies
9. Talented family who gets together for music playing (tonight!)
11.My husband's extended family
12.Imy and Melba who support all of us with their presence and cheers hearing--the woodpecker outside my window sight--a flash of red when I finally spot the woodpecker sense of smell--the cinnamon-pumpkin aroma from my burning candle
16.Spicy Obsession cologne
17.a hot shower
18.a great sale at Christopher and Banks old L.L.Bean boots I slip on to wear outside every morning
20.a small Degas notebook to jot my early morning ideas-- given to me by my friend, LeAnne
21.Uniball pens--love them
22.a fun bookmark arriving in the mail (thanks!)
23.My Steeple Hill Suspense books arriving (like having Christmas early!)
24.cheeeburgers (with onions!)
25.the color green
26.The Barbie Girls who started an editors' blog
27.The Writing Life blog that keeps me informed of writerly things
28.Camy Tang who is so very different from me, but yet I relate to her--plus, she challenges me to actually WRITE!

Only 973 things to go! What's on your list today?


Camy Tang said...

Aw, you rock! I love you too! It's weird (but nice) how we always seem to be on the same wavelength.

what is Christopher and Banks? I've never heard of that.


Crystal Laine said...

LOL, Camy, a California girl who is chic like you probably wouldn't know a Christopher & Banks. It's like the Midwest Teachers' Uniform Shoppe. (Just kidding, sort of.) Seriously, I live in the middle of the Midwest Shopping Wilderness. We have malls about 20 miles away. At both of these malls (20 miles in either direction) are these women's clothing stores with clothes that women around here wear. Things like jeans, sweatshirts and denim jackets with cute, seasonal appliques, and occasionally, like with my find, a cute coral ultra-suede jacket--on sale! (because no one around here will wear orange--or very few.)