Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

This is our family on Thanksgiving in the little stone house near the crick. My dad took the picture. Usually on Thanksgiving we either had family in (my mother's sister's family) or we traveled on a quick trip to Tennessee.

One of our favorite things to do on Thanksgiving was to get up, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on TV. The only parades we saw were either the mice going to the fields to pick up the dropped corn and beans, or the geese flying in a V to the South. After we ate our turkey, we searched the carcass for the "pulley" bone or the wishbone. Two people would pull until it broke and whoever got the larger piece could make a wish for the year.

We had already listed things we were thankful for and made placemats or turkeys from hand drawings (with the fingers as feathers.) Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday for many reasons.

Continuing on with the 1000 Gifts....

58. a warm house on a cold morning
59. crisp bacon
60. a working husband who loves his job
61. good friends who remember me
62. sons
63. crunching leaves and senses of hearing and smell to appreciate them
64. our broadband internet satellite and a clear day
65. stacks of books and magazines by my bed
66. neighbors
67. newspaper in the box early in the morning
68. comics section
69. smell of woodsmoke from neighbors' fireplaces
70. our shoe repairman who fixed my favorite pair of boots and had them ready yesterday!
71. good memories that fade out the bad
72. refrigerators and freezers that work!
73. electricity ON
74. sunshine
75. hot coffee when I'm bleary-eyed

What are your Thanksgiving memories?

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