Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mrs. George Washington's Christmas Cake

Lots of people have Christmas traditions. It appears that our founding fathers of the U.S.A. had them, too. They celebrated the 12 Days of Christmas and usually had a party on January 6th. There is a wonderful article on Guns & Patriots (even if you're not a gun-lover, this article is very informative! It has several more recipes) by Susan Dale describing the celebrations of the 1700s and it includes George Washington's bride Martha's recipe for Christmas cake.

Since I'm collecting stories and recipes, how could I not include this recipe? Enjoy!

Martha Washington's Christmas Cake
"Take 40 eggs and divide the whites from the yolks & beat them to a froth then work 4 pounds of butter to a cream & put the whites of eggs to it a Spoon full at a time till it is well work'd then put 4 pounds of sugar finely powderd [sic] to it in the same manner then put in the Youlks [sic] of eggs & 5 pounds of flower [sic] & 5 pounds of fruit.  2 hours will bake it add to it half an ounce of mace & nutmeg half a pint of wine & some fresh brandy."

Do you have a recipe that was handed down to you through generations? Do you fix any special recipes at Christmas?


jel said...

Wow !
that is a recipe!
just how did was that cake?

merry Christmas

jel said...

sorry that should read
( How Big was that cake)

Crystal Laine said...
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Crystal Laine said...

LOL,jel, with 40 eggs, 5 lbs. fruit what pan would hold the cake? Did they just bake cake after cake? This wasn't explained.

But it was fascinating, wasn't it? Two hours to bake it? Ack. The original fruitcake??

jel said...

bet they bakeed it in a BIG Kettle over a open fire!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Crystal -

Can you imagine what the finished product looked like? Has anyone tried this recipe in modern times?

Susan :)