Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Books & Such Literary Agency and Their Marvelous Recipes

You know how much I love books, but now you're beginning to realize that next to a good story, I love a good recipe just as much. I love the stories in families surrounding meals and recipes, because it says so much about them. A single taste or the aroma of a certain food can take you back to a time and place that has already passed.

Anyway, do go over to Books & Such and catch up on the agents' stories of cooking for Christmas. Janet Grant and Wendy Lawton have already posted. Wendy shared her fantastic Rocky Road candy recipe and the story of her mom who was a wonderful woman (I even got to meet her once.) Life is full of treasures that you hold in your mind's eye and with one whiff of cinnamon or oregano, you are transported in time and space to something that's no less than a miracle of the mind. You might even figure out how it works into your writing.

Do you incorporate what you know about food and the food from your families' meals into your writing? How have you done this?

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