Friday, April 06, 2007

When I Was Just a Kid...Next Week
We were all just kids once. Here, you can go back to being a kid, if only for a little while.

Just wanted to let you know who will be featured next week in this blog.

Monday April 9: Tricia Goyer

You've met Tricia here before. She's written several books ,both fiction and nonfiction, but has stories about herself, as well.

Wednesday April 11: Deb Raney

Besides writing wonderful women's fiction (where one of her novels has been made into a movie, A Vow to Cherish) Deb writes a column with her now-married daughter, Tobi, at The column is about marriage and makes an interesting read as they talk about their own relationships.

Friday April 13: Teena Stewart, SALT Sister

Teena is a prolific writer who has published over a 1000 articles, and will publish a book on small groups soon with Beacon Hill. She does so many things, it makes my head swim! From writing suspense, a blog about writing suspense, her Ministry in Motion, plus a myriad of ministries, and partnering with her pastor husband, as well. She will also be mother of the bride this summer as the oldest of her three children is getting married. I co-wrote a few parenting articles with Teena and we are in the same group, SALT: Struggling Artists of Literary Talent, which she founded.

To all of my Christian friends, I wish you a blessed Easter. He is risen! Peace to you.

And to all of my Jewish friends, I've been reading along, celebrating Passover with you. Thank you for being keepers of the faith in the One True God.
Shabbat Chol HaMoed of Passover
In the Torah : Exodus 12:21–51
Haftarah : Joshua 3:5–7, 5:2–6:1, 6:27

Happy Birthday, April!

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