Monday, September 11, 2006

Whatever Monday

This day in 2001, we in the United States, and yes, in the world,know it as
"9-11" Day. And yes, I remember what I did that day, just as I remember what I was doing the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. (Mostly I remember my mother's reaction.)

I could talk about my perspective, but you are being flooded with these types of stories today. However, being a Hoosier, I will give you a link to an artist's web site. Yes, she is a Hoosier, and you'll find some of her prints on cards and in stores, but she also sells the most fabulous paintings. N.A. Noel lives, and does her art, in Zionsville, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. She specializes in African people/landscapes/animals, other animals, Amish portraits and angels. Today she shared with us a letter that was written to her by someone who survived the attack on the World Trade Center. The writer's purpose was to let the artist know how much her paintings meant to her in the aftermath of her ordeal.

And if you go to this site and like the art, you can purchase it online, or you can also send her free ecards to some of your friends.

Mostly, I wanted to share this because sometimes we think we are living insignificant days, doing insignificant things. You never know what the next moment will hold and what you will be required to endure if you live. You can't predict how you will react in the moment or in the following days and years until you must face it and go through it. An artist in Indiana was doing what she loved--painting. She is passionate about the images she chooses to create. In doing so, at least one person, who had to face horrific images in her mind and see people die, even seeing the plane come in to destroy and attack the very principles of our lives,found comfort there in that Hoosier's art.

I think it is important what we choose to fill our mind's eye with in our day-to-day lives. The books we read, the photos and memories we keep, the art, films and TV we imbibe, the relationships we nurture or cast away--all of it comes back to us in moments that test the soul, and as we cope with whatever it is has been laid out for us.

What do you have in reserve when that moment comes for you?


Karen Wingate said...

Well said! I found this encouraging, especially your last paragaph, especially today.

Karen Wingate

Karen Wingate said...

Well said. Thanks for the encouragement, especially in your last two paragraphs. I needed that today.

Karen Wingate

Crystal Laine said...

Karen, I'm so glad I know you and that you have such faith. And yes, you've had a few trials to test the soul--especially lately!;-) Rest in the joy and knowledge that you're building such good "reserve" moments for these times that try the soul.