Thursday, September 28, 2006

If this is Thursday, then PASS THE SALT!

Cara Putnam got her first contract for a novel this past week at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. The title of her new book is tentatively titled Canteen Dreams and is an historical based on the romance of her grandparents during WWII. I was so pleased with this as she is one of my Hoosier writing buddies. Since this is Pass the Salt Thursday where I highlight other people's blogs, be sure to check out her blog The Law, Books and Life. If you check out the comments section from Sabrina Fox's blog, Hijinks from the Heartland, you will see I'm among the predictors of this very thing happening after Sabrina interviewed Cara. I'm really proud of Cara, and she has several more manuscripts that are going to sell, too. (Mark my words.)

I have some friends who are blogging--just started. You remember how it was when you first started blogging? Well, these three people are good writers, and have some really important things to say--unlike what you read here! They are actually FOCUSED. Imagine that!

I have to tell you that I'm prejudiced about them and give a little background. All three of them started off in my SALT critique group. What a great group we are. (I can say anything I want; this is my blog. Ah, the power--but it's true.) SALT stands for Struggling Artists of Literary Talent. It seems so long ago that we got together in that group. Teena Stewart, a brilliant writer and web site owner who does many things well, started the group. Teena is not one of the new bloggers, but I have to tell you about her first.

Teena and I still critique each other some and we have actually written together some columns on surviving parenting teens. (She survived. I'm still struggling through these years.) Most of the rest of the group has gone on to other things, and we now just check in, get advice and brainstorm a little now We also pray for each other. So, you get a bonus today with seeing Teena's site--and they are doing coaching and consulting for ministers. If you are a pastor or in ministry, this is where you go to be equipped, encouraged and to be ministered to yourself. It's a wonderful resource. Also, if you are a writer, you will want to check out their guidelines to write for their ezine.

Now on to the Bloggers

Karen Wingate has written curriculum and VBS materials for years. She is the teaching expert. And now she is sharing tips for teachers in her brand new blog. Already she has a treasure trove of insight and she is just learning this blog thing! She is Training Teachers to Teach Children About Jesus. Check it out if you teach Sunday school or would like to teach or work with children in the ministry.

Nancy J. Ring is a counselor and freelance writer living in Chicago. Her experiences and depth make for a beautiful, insightful and meaningful blog. She has only posted a few blogs and already she has been named for Blog of the Day. Today she talked about Dave Dravecky.

Finally, LeAnne Benfield Martin has joined bloggers with something I rarely see talked about: Christians and the Arts. LeAnne has a wonderful testimony, many hundreds of articles, but she has chosen to promote those who are Christians in art,theatre and poetry, highlighting those things which engage our hearts, minds and souls. LeAnne lives in Atlanta, Georgia and her insight into this art community comes first hand. Her site is a discussion of why Christians should be engaged in the arts, and highlights Christians who have brought the light of Christ to the art world. You really do not want to miss this one, either!

I have such good friends in the writing world. Cara is a new friend, while Karen, Nancy, Teena and LeAnne are "old" friends. (And I don't mean that in their ages, either, though Teena could be as old as I am...ha ha)


Karen Wingate said...

Crystal! Wow! You are so sweet! Thank you for honoring your SALT sisters. By the way, I don't think I ever knew what the acronym for SALT meant!! I just took it in the biblical sense of salt and light. Thanks for clarifying that.


Crystal Laine said...

I remember that we chose the acronym because we did want it to be related to the very Biblical sense you pointed out--but we also chose words to stand for each letter that conveyed just what we were about: Struggling Artists of Literary Talent. No matter what stage of writing we have achieved, I think we still struggle. ha

Cara Putman said...

Thanks, Crystal. I so appreciate all your encouragement and advice as I navigate this very different world of publishing.