Friday, September 08, 2006

Flies in My Friday Soup (Peeves of the Week)

I am a Christian and I know I'm supposed to have grace and a grateful heart (and I do--as much as my ascerbic personality can overcome with God's grace to me,) but sometimes I feel a great need to express my impatience and peevish nature. You will consider me more human and I will have confessed that I'm not perfect.

Though, I still feel great guilt when I confess I'm annoyed because one of the most impressive stories I ever heard (read,) happened to Corrie ten Boom. If you have not read the book, The Hiding Place, then you have missed something every human should read. It is the ultimate modern story of forgiveness, set in a concentration camp during WWII and it's all true.

Many people of my faith often question where the annoyances and troubles in life come from? Are they from God, trying to get our attention or teach us something? Are they from our Enemy, trying to thwart our plans? It is not always clear. When Nehemiah was rebuilding the walls in Jerusalem, he figured out that the trouble was from his enemies (and the ultimate Enemy) and they didn't want Jerusalem rebuilt. So, he prayed (and this was always, always his reaction, if you read the entire book of Nehemiah in the Bible,)"Now strengthen my hands."

It's a good lesson to take. So, as I post my Friday peeves, please understand that I am taking the path of Nehemiah and this is a prayer list. Don't you hate it when that happens? You start off complaining through your laundry list and think, "Duh, I should've prayed about that."

When I was teaching P.E. in a small Christian school, I had Miller's Six Rules to Live and Die By for my classes, but I added on a number 7, because kids tend to complain a lot in P.E. classes.

Philippians 2:
14"Do everything without complaining or arguing :15 so that you may become blameless and pure children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe."

Drat. I do want to be a shining star in the universe. But things do not always go well, and people, things and circumstances annoy me at times. Every week. (Oh, you know it--everyDAY!)

So, here's my backhanded prayer list for Friday, going into the weekend:

1. Why can't I upload photos on this blog? (Film at 11.) I may have to change my template. Do you like it without photos? Do you like this template? Decisions, decisions. All I can do is be annoyed. The fly is buzzing and getting ready to dive bomb my soup here.

I'm feeling a great impatience and peeved at some things happening in my house. Not naming any names or putting up photo wanted posters(can't. See Peeve #1,) but...(I have five men in my house--one husband and four boys. It is NOT my husband doing these things.)

2. People who leave the lights on after they go to bed. In the garage, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, refrigerator, microwave....

3. Same person who didn’t lock the door when he came in and he went to bed.

4. Same person who borrowed my stapler in my office, left the light on

5. and left my stapler out and the drawer open--and left the freezer open.

Off to the store to buy light bulbs. It's rather dark in here lately.

(Did I ever tell you that I hate shopping?)

Oh, yeah, pray for me.

(I'm praying for Tim, too, this weekend. He asked me to.)