Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Book Scout Pursues Life

Ok, so, um, I'm a boomer. Yeah, I said it. What I'm interested in may not be what you're interested in, but at least you've been warned. I've lived a lot in those booming years. And I'm now willing to talk about it.

Beginning next Monday, I'll be posting on a more regular basis. Mondays are for books--and since I'm random that can cover a lot of book ground--authors, books I'm reading, books I'm wanting to read, past books, giving away books...BOOKS. After all, I'm a BOOK SCOUT. After thousands of published book reviews in magazines, columns, and reviewing books for agents and editors, I do have some insight there, but mainly I just love books. You might even get a glimpse of my stacks.

A small portion of my "keepers" shelves
Then, I have to have a day (Wednesdays) dedicated to my slices of life and whatever spiritual insights I'm gaining now. That can be quite wild. Sometimes I'm not even sure how I survived to this point.

Finally, I'll reserve a day (Saturdays) for nostalgia and all those past experiences and memories. My memories won't necessarily be your memories, but maybe by sharing some of my memories, some of your memories will jostle loose. (And loose memories can be dangerous, so watch out.) 

Looking forward to sharing with you and if you have any favorite topics that I can address, always let me know. The one thing I hope is to have a conversation with you. I could use some friends. 

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