Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pieces of Crystal's Brain

This blog began as a way to explore my writing and voice. Definitely all about me. I opened my blog site, but didn't post for a year. A blank page and putting yourself out there is a scary thing or maybe I just couldn't decide what to write. It's like walking into your first grade class all over again. 

I loved first grade and my first school experience. But there, I knew what we were there for--the library and all those books!
But periodically, I take a look at what works and doesn't work--healthy introspection for any person, but a little psychotic, too. Growth? Lately, I've ignored the blog and couldn't focus and wondered just what I have to offer as a human being who has lived too long. I've settled down to rot. I've felt scattered and untrue to my voice. These days, above all, though, I've wanted to offer something to readers. Giving you something to take away is all important to me.  
Looks like I'm gonna be here awhile....
Is it important for a writer to have a blog? And if so, who comes to read it? What do you expect when you come by? I do have interests and things I most want to write about but tend to flit from one aspect to another. Much like my brain. (I gave up Cokes for Lent and have what was I talking about?)

What would bring you back? (I desperately need friends!) 

I have a poll up on the right. Please vote if you are interested in reading more here. And if you have a comment or suggestion for me, please feel free to leave that here, below this post. I love dialogue and sharing fun--I think that's what I like about Facebook and Pinterest. I'm not one for discussing politics or world events, and I definitely hate negativism or any bullies. So if you're here for a fight, I don't suffer fools and their attacks. 

I also gave you the option to vote for more than one topic. Wishy-washy? Meh.

Near French Lick, Indiana
I've traveled extensively around the state, so perhaps that will be my focus--Indiana and what Hoosiers do and say and what they eat (Ha! It is always about food.) Indiana and I share a birthday so I feel a camaraderie with my home state. Indiana and me--blood kin and sisters! I am pretty sure I'll never leave, except with my last breath!
Hope Springs Eternal (and all that stuff.)
If I had a regular schedule for posts with a topic for the day, would you read it? Once a week? Three times a week? 

Thanks to those who read and who are willing to help me find a focus. Just writing this has me thinking about what I want to do next. Uh-huh. 

I was always a studious person.


Lynda Lee Schab said...

I may have to steal this blog post idea. I, too, have taken time away from my blog (over a month now) and, honestly...I haven't missed it much! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

My reasons have to do with personal issues, plus I think I just had blog burnout and needed to focus on other things for a while. Only within the past week or so have I started really thinking about what to do. Hopefully I'll figure it out by summer (that's the plan, anyway). I feel the same way about my "voice" and really want to focus on a specific topic that readers can relate to, learn from, and smile at. That's no easy task and I feel your pain!

As for your blog, I personally am drawn to blogs that offer humor and fun. Love to read brief entries about everyday events with a biblical or moral takeaway...something to chew on, but nothing too deep. As an author, of course I love writing tips and industry news, but there are a ton of blogs out there that offer that type of info, and only so much time to read them. I love your "When I was a kid" feature. Love reading about other people and the childhood they experienced.

Not sure I helped you, but I will say a prayer that you get clarity and direction for your blog and that it will be a huge success! :-)

Mary Marie Allen said...

Ditto to Lynda's comments. I don't even have my own blog. Just when I worked myself up to get it done, the few professional bloggers I followed announced they were spending their promo time more wisely and cut back. There's simply far too much out there to keep up, unless you do it instead of writing. I think a joint venture would be far more productive. Three people caring for one site could maintain their individual flavors while pooling the resources of energy, time, contacts, and encouragement. That's my two cents. PS Because I know you, I value what you say, Crystal, so I'm more apt to check out your site. Honestly, keeping up with my facebook is about all I can do. As your blog feeds into that I read it, otherwise, no.

Joe Allison said...

When we've talked together at ACFW functions, I've been fascinated by your experience as a newspaper writer and a publisher's scout, balancing the responsibilities of a mother/homemaker/writer. So the slices of Crystal's life as a writer would bring me back. As Mary said, I value your insight. That alone makes it worth my time to come and see what you're thinking.

Also, you've shared some striking quotes from your reading at ACFW events. Reflections on life and faith that I've not seen or heard anywhere else. I wouldn't want to miss any of those.

Crystal Laine said...

I meant to reply to you because I so appreciated your comments and thoughts.

Joe, I no longer have boys at "home" but still balancing my husband's random schedule and still keeping up with my boys who are now men. :) But lots of good comments to help me out! Thank you.

I'm honored when anyone leaves a comment and I thank you all for your thoughtful comments. As a reader of other blogs, and someone who understands the balance of time (boy, do I ever!) I would like to have "been read." I am putting more time and thought into what I put up here.

Thank you so much! I treasure each of you. :)