Monday, February 14, 2011

Winner of the Color Analysis by Lora Alexander and Vote on Crystal's Season

After our drawing (and I took the names from all of the posts last week,) Carrie Wood won the ColorFast Color Analysis by Lora Alexander. Her son is getting married later this year and she was delighted as she wants to look her best. I'm hoping she'll share her results.

On the poll I have up I ask what season you think you fall into, or if you need help. There are four who think that they need help. Could we help you? If you contact me with your photos, or have a photo online, maybe we can do a comparison. Or maybe you need to splurge (a gift from someone?) on the ColorFast Analysis? You can go through the quiz and see if you can figure it out. Or get a friend to help you.

Last night we did an impromptu draping of Kat. She is a stunning young woman who does have a fine-tuned sense of what colors DO NOT look good on her and really does know what she can wear. She still needed some direction on lipstick. Her hair was much lighter as a child so I thought for a little while she might be a clear spring. But after draping her in the test colors, she really didn't look good in those colors. She has bright, clear hazel eyes. It turned out she was a beautiful clear winter, we're pretty sure of that. Very pretty! 

I've struggled some on my own coloring. I think earlier in my life I was more saturated, but have faded in my old age. I've had to change lipstick, makeup and colors. I don't know what color winter coat to buy (and I've been wearing the old black one. Probably not good.) I need a more clear photo of myself without makeup and also a close up clear shot of my eyes. Lora thinks I am possibly a light summer. But I do think I might possibly be a light spring. I'm not sure if I look better in camel or gray/taupe.

There's a small sunburst of a light color around my iris. Can you see it?

Mostly tired and hideous, I think....
This is a professional shot taken from my photo and it looks a little misty

This is the sample eye from Lora's site as being a "summer" eye 
Clear eye of a spring

Is it clear or misty or cool?

I know for certain I do not look good in ash blonde hair. It makes me look gray, old and tired. (This was proclaimed by my husband.) So I've gone to a light golden blonde. However, light summers CAN have light golden blonde hair, so we go back to two things: which is better, camel or cocoa? AND is my eye color misty grayed or clear? A lot of the two palettes have the same colors, so I just need to decide on one or the other so I can buy some core wardrobe pieces.
Summer or Spring?

Light Spring? Light Summer? Both? Ha!

Light spring  
Light Summer

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Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Crystal -

Congrats to Carrie!

I also look awful in ash blonde. Usually, I go for medium tones. The golden blonde doesn't work with my coloring.

Susan :)