Friday, February 11, 2011

Autumn, My Favorite Season But Not Me

Lora Alexander, Deep Autumn, author of Color Revival and a Color Analyst
All week we've been talking about 12 seasons of color, how it can help you in your writing and in your public appearances. You will look polished and professional if you choose colors that blend with your own coloring. Have you ever seen someone wearing the wrong color for them? Or who dyes her hair the wrong color? Somehow that person will always look like she isn't feeling well, or just something is clownish about her appearance. If you dye your hair red, and it looks great on you, you are probably an autumn. Autumns shine in red hair! Lora describes going to "Pink Night" in her book. She was excited but the evening fell flat for her. Pink is definitely NOT her color and it just doesn't "do" anything for her.

An Autumn will have a "muddy" eye  or even a deep, golden brown
Julianne Moore, a celebrity, is a great example of a Warm Autumn
An autumn can wear mustard yellow and orange and it will look good in them. No other season can do that. A soft autumn will lean toward summer and may need to avoid mustard yellow, but both Deep Autumn and Warm Autumn are going to look stunning in it.

Warm Autumns are Warm + Dark. Deep Autumns will be Dark + Warm. Soft Autumns will be Soft + Warm. Rich, warm, glowing.

Lora says the most difficult seasons to discern are the soft autumn and the soft summer. She has several case studies in her book showing how she arrived at analyzing both seasons because they are muted and blended. If you have blended hair, blended eyes, it's possible you are a soft, but are you warm (soft autumn?) or more cool (soft summer?)

It's been a fun week. I wish all of you who have commented this week to enter the drawing will come back and tell me that you have found your colors. If you don't win the drawing, do go to Lora's site and consider getting an eColor analysis. She has a couple options. I'd love to see your transformation! And I think it is freeing deciding on a course of action. And then, also, you authors when you write a character can borrow some descriptions so it will be easy for your readers to imagine the character. I can still see Anne (with an "e") of Green Gables as Gilbert calls her "Carrots." Can't you imagine that bright red hair? It was so important to Anne's character and also to her development. Marilla told her it was the condition of the heart that was more important than the color of her hair, but when Anne wants to change her hair color, would it really suit her? Would it really be her?

Embrace the beauty that God has gifted you with by working with the palette He endowed you.

Leave a comment on any of the Lora Alexander posts this week and on Friday I'll be drawing a name for a free ebook Color Revival or an eColor Analysis from Lora.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Crystal -

Great series! I'll need to read it in more detail. I'm still not sure what season I am.

BTW - I linked to your blog today. :)


Crystal Laine said...

Susan, you are entered in the drawing! :)

Thank you so much for the link, too. I will have to look closer at your photo.

Carrie said...

Yes, please!

I *need* to know this; I'm nibby that way!!

Mary Beth Dolmanet said...

Hello, Crystal! I have never been able to figure out my best colors. Thanks for sharing!
Mary Beth

Julie Mitchell said...

I love Lora. She pegged me as a Soft Autumn. I didn't realize this was a hard season to figure out! Her new makeup line is amazing!