Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lora Alexander's Process for Determining Your Best Colors to Wear

Lora Alexander, Color Analyst and Owner of Pretty Your World
Yesterday you met Lora Alexander, a color analyst  who wrote the book on analyzing your best colors to wear in Color Revival. Today we're going to see how she goes through the process in analyzing a client by photos sent by email. She emphasizes that the client send her very clear photos with no makeup. Also, if you color your hair, you might want to send childhood photos and original hair color photos, or at least cover your now hair (pull it back.) Sometimes she loads your photo on to find hair colors which best suit your coloring.
Color Analysis Demonstration

Here's a demonstration of how Lora does a virtual color analysis.
Thanks to her client, June, who graciously allowed her to use her actual photos so she can show you the process she goes through when determining someone's colors. 
Lora says:

I look at a photo to set some basic assumptions about her.
First, I eliminate all seasons I KNOW she is NOT:
Any type of Winter? No

Cool based undertones? No. From the questionnaire, she told me she doesn’t color her hair. It looks warm. Her skin looks warm. This eliminates Summers, and Winters are already eliminated. 
Is she a spring or autumn? What do you think?
This leaves some sort of Spring or Autumn.(There are three in each season: clear spring, warm spring, light spring; soft autumn, warm autumn, deep autumn.)

I look at another picture of her more close up. Her hair looks very warm, like a traditional warm autumn. 

But look at her eyes. They are clear. They are not dark or muted. They are definitely CLEAR.
So I determine two of the characteristics she has—Clear and Warm—which equates to a Spring. Remember that all Springs have the characteristics of “Warm, Clear and Light”.

But which trait is most dominant? While her eyes are definitely clear, I think her most dominant characteristic is Warm. The hair, including the eyebrows, and even her freckles are very warm.


My conclusion: Warm Spring.

I do have to admit that June was fairly easy to identify. Many clients are not that easy. When that is the case, I usually will ask for more pictures of them, particularly childhood photos, wedding pictures, pictures of them wearing different colored shirts, etc.

The process is the same, though, for all clients. I get a generally idea of their coloring, eliminate obvious seasons, look for dominant and secondary characteristics and ask for more pictures if needed.

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Carrie said...

Yes, please enter me. I need help.

K said...

If only my coloring was easy to guess =( Maybe it IS easy but I can't be really objective about myself...I think it's easier to describe other people's coloring...


BC said...

Years ago I decided I was a "winter." But now I don't want to spend as much money on my hair or make-up, so my skin (obviously) now appears more pale. I think I need to be re-evaluated! I enjoyed reading the interviews; this topic is fascinating!

Unknown said...

She just makes it look so easy! However, oh so hard to do yourself...I really need her help!


Cara Putman said...

this is a great series, Crystal. I'd love to be entered! cara dot putman at comcast dot net

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I'd love to win! I was typed many years ago but was never certain as to whether it was correct and would like clarification.