Monday, March 03, 2008

Solomon's Beloved

Vonda Skelton is an author, playwright, lyricist, and entertaining speaker with a heart for women and their families. Her newest book, Seeing through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe, was released in January 2008 by Regal Books. Taken from the pages of real life, this book uses everyday humor to deliver a serious message about the lies women believe.

Her humor is part of her trademark in both writing and her speaking. Every-so-often you run across something funny on You Tube and Vonda has splashed onto the You Tube scene with her interpretation of Solomon's Perfect Babe (the book of Solomon in the Bible.) Let's just say that Solomon used rather flowery metaphors and Vonda took some things quite literally.


Be sure to check out Vonda's blog and Chapter One of her new book above. Also, look for her to be featured on When I Was Just a Kid one day soon!

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Vonda Skelton said...

Hi Crystal! Thank you for sharing my Solomon's Beloved video with your readers. It's such fun for me, and she's a hit wherever she goes! I hope her picture will bring a laugh for years to come!
Blessings, friend...