Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day

This snow bank by our driveway back at our other house (a few years ago) measured over five feet. Our house was about a quarter mile off the road and we parked our truck at the end of the driveway so we could get out. My husband's cousin came over with a backhoe to dig out our drive. It was unbelievable. And no, we don't live in Minnesota, North Dakota or Alaska--just Indiana.

Today we have a snow day from school (I still have one kid left in high school) and it is not nearly that impressive. We have some hilly backroads and there was a layer of ice on top of the snow. They were calling for about 10 inches of snow--I think we got less than an inch, just judging by my short-legged dog not having to "hop" in the snow (or me to have to dig her a path.)

These boys are all about 6-foot or taller now. They don't bother bundling up like I made them back then. One of them still loves the snow. He was born in February so the weather in his birth month suits him. He was disappointed that we didn't get that much snow.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days--Groundhog Day! That is one of my favorite movies (Groundhog Day. It's the day we see if the Groundhog sees his shadow.

In the meantime, I might could actually get something done today--or not.


Delia said...

I'm probably about to show my weirdness but...I've never seen the movie Groundhog Day. (Well, I saw about five minutes of it halfway through it once but that's it.) I think I'm the only person I know who hasn't. Everyone says it's good so I don't know why I haven't watched it.

I love love love snow. I don't drive in it but I love it. We rarely ever have any either. Which is a big let down for me each year when they say we're going to get snow and then we don't.

And just for the record...I have NEVER seen snow that deep. I think the most I can ever remember is a couple of inches either covered in ice or the other way around.

Crystal Laine said...

I hope you get to see the movie, Delia. Such a good movie!

And I have several paintings in my house of snow scenes. I was born in a blizzard, so I suppose snow is something I couldn't live without.

Sometimes I wish I had the milder weather that you all have. Especially when it's like this. And they're calling for more snow on Monday.