Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Challenges, New Goals

No photos today. I got a new computer. I haven't even begun to put my files on this one. You see, as one of my friends put it, I have gone over to the darkside--from a PC to a Mac. Now, my husband and boys have Macs and love them, so I am guessing that I soon will be ok. But right now I'm the deer in the headlights.

I can tell you that I downloaded a couple things and it was fast. So fast and painless! I am having some issue with the keyboard, but I suppose I'll get used to it.

So, if there are glitches here and there, you will know I'm pounding my head bloody on the screen, but so far, painless. I'm still numb, I suppose.

I sat down last night and jotted some goals and dreams for 2008. Have you done this yet? Anything in particular stand out? One of my goals is to get into shape again and to eat with an eye toward health. Another thing I would like to do is find a time period each day to read my Bible (I have a plan) and pray specifically. I had gotten haphazard at the end of the year and wasn't taking care of my spiritual self. So, this covers body and soul!

Finally, for my emotional well being, I finally want to finish the romance I was writing and send it out. I can't control whether it will be sold, but at least by sending it out I have done my part. I also am starting another story that I have brainstormed with friends, Sabrina and Camy, so hopefully, I can get it down, too.

With a new computer, things have a way of being fresh and new.

Another thing I'd love to do is try scrapbooking. I haven't a clue of how to start but it is something creative and artsy and will help catalog all of these photos I have. I am going to clear out a place in my basement for this, I think.

What are your goals?

I have enjoyed reading the comments about your results to the tests. Those were fun! I'll let you know what I think of the changeover from PC to Mac. Stay tuned. All of my When I Was Just a Kid interviews are on my other limping PC, so....


Lynda Lee Schab said...

Hey Crystal,

It's been a while (but that's ok since I haven't worked on Madi for days - ugh.) I loved your post on the loop about "focusing" in the new year. Great word - I think I'll steal it since that's what I lack the most, too. Double ugh.
Getting in shape physically and spiritually are on my list as well. Actually, they are there every year but 2008 I will actually make better strides towards meeting those goals! So there.
Hope you had a blessed Christmas (sounds like it with that Mac!) I look forward to getting in touch after the New Year.
Hugs, Lynda

Pam Halter said...

I need to get in shape, too. It's a resounding goal for so many of us.

I finished the first in a middle grade fantasy and am planning to start the second after the first of the year.

I also have a picture book idea that I must follow up on.

I hope to hear something positive from an agent and I'm looking forward to a couple of writing retreats as well as the Mt. Hermon conference in March.

I'm sure other things will pop up as the year goes on, but right now, that's my focus.

Anonymous said...

Crystal, welcome to the wonderful world of Mac. I've never regretted jumping ship and doubt that you'll miss the lack of error messages, either. (Email if you have any questions along the way.)

No resolutions this year--I tend to break them--but I do have plans to dig deeper in the Word and return to daily journaling.