Monday, December 10, 2007

How About a Cuppa Coffee with that Book?

A few of you left comments on Teena Stewart's Kid Interview to have a chance to win her free book. Well! She decided to "sweeten the pot," due to getting ready to leave for a new adventure in missions soon.

Not only will you win a free book, but also free coffee and a mug! See, Teena and her husband, Jeff, are selling out in California and moving across the country to open a coffee house ministry. What if you could minister to those who might never take a chance to walk inside a church, but would go to a coffee shop to talk about Jesus?

Jeff and Teena wanted to do this and have years of experience as pastors and in ministry (thus, Teena's book on Small Groups) and now have taken a huge leap of faith to do this. You can help here, but Teena wants the winner to get the first cuppa coffee, thus throwing in the extra treat with her book.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Sign up for a chance at that book and the coffee and pass the word along. Click here to sign up--I've added a few more days and won't draw a winner until Friday.

Successful Small Groups: From Concept to Practice(Beacon Hill) on small groups in stores and available right now.

Teena's latest book is for leading small groups in church and ministry:

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