Friday, January 26, 2007

1000 Gifts....
I am behind on counting my 1000 gifts that I started with Christian Women Online. I need to count a few gifts today.
Also, I have tried to change over to the new blogger format. Sigh. Not sure this is working, but I'm trying to stay up-to-date.
417. my birthday boy, Jordan (on the 25th, 2nd from left)
418. laughing at dinner over kids' stories
419. the great sense of humor that all my "guys" have (all five of them)
420. friends
421. the privilege to stop to pray for someone grieving
422. beautiful cards that I can pick out in the store or online to send that help me to say what I mean when I'm not sure what to say
423. Lynn and her fast wit
424. Karen's cookbook sharing!
425. the color royal blue
426. Tina and Chris and our new jackets
427. Judy's great email (hi!)
428. Sabrina always dropping in to say she cares
429. anticipation of Jan. 31 and seeing 3 good friends
430. all the band contest doors are filled! (I'm a band mom)
431. safe and sound boys
432. a husband who takes care of us
433. a special delivery Kringle from Wisconsin from two authors (yum!)
434. Colts and Bears in the Super Bowl!
435. Fuze (have you tried it? I like tangerine grapefruit)
436. a new recipe
437. garlic mashed potatoes
438. very warm hat, scarf, gloves in royal blue
439. hard-working boys
440. a book package from AMG Publishers
441. red foxes running around in the woods
442. the call of the red-tailed hawk in my woods
443. red poppy seeds in the mail for spring
444. gardening magazines
446. Bonnie's gorgeous photos that bring joy


Bluejam said...

Beautiful family! Thank God for women like you who thoroughly enjoy their children, see blessings in ordinary things, and encourage others to count their blessings. We are the most blessed nation on earth. (Judy from Yahoo e-mail)

Crystal Laine said...

Hi, Judy! Thank you for reading. You wrote such kind words to me! By the way this is an old photo. My oldest is now 22 and the youngest in that photo is 16. Of course, I look EXACTLY the same...