Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No Electricity, Internet Problems

Well, obviously, I have internet connection and electricity(for now,) but it could go out any time! And hey! I don't even live in a third world country! No, worse. I EXPECT to have electricity, running water, internet connections because I live in Indiana of the United States of America. We the people and all that. But many times my electricity goes out. And when that happens? Guess what? I have no water or bathroom. Yup, my well pump runs on electricity. My septic system runs on electricity. Lately I've been thinking of doing away with it all. Build me a little cabin in the woods. Go back to grinding my own corn meal and shooting rabbits for dinner. I live on this back country road by a river. The Miami Native Americans used to live here. In fact the road that goes past our road used to be a main path for the Native Americans here to travel. It was a Native American highway.

Anyway, I never liked camping that much. When I was a kid every summer we spent 3 weeks on the Tennessee River on my Uncle Pat Warren's land. We had no running water, no permanent structure and uh, no potties. Yup, I learned the fine art of digging trenches and learning about proper sanitation. I also learned to "hold it" because hey, ok, there were rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cotton mouths around camp. No one was ever bitten, but my German Shepherd was as he killed it--right before it got my mother. Good ol' Rin. He suffered around for a few days, but lived to fight another day. He was perhaps the best dog I had as a kid, and that's saying a lot.

While everyone else lived it up by fishing day and night (and napping during the sultry hot days,) I would read. I liked hikiing around exploring the area, wondering how people used to live there, but I wanted to go home each night, take a hot shower, eat something besides catfish, brim and hush puppies. So shoot me. I was beginning to think that I wasn't actually related to those people who were raising me.

My youngest son was bitten by the survivor man/fisherman bug and I see a lot of my "people" in him.(I must be related to them, afterall.It just skipped me.) He would have loved those summers on the river! Too bad everyone who could've taken him, and enjoyed every minute of it teaching him, are all dead or too old now. (My grandmother, age 93, certainly loved fishing. She could gut a fish with the best of 'em!) But Max has to be stuck with a mom who screams when her electrictiy goes out, and would rather read--and not by candlelight, thankewverrymuch.

I was going to tell you about those books I read back in the day, but my electricity could go out any second. I feel like Lisa on Green Acres.

Uh, oh......back to building our campfire with Max's Survivorman flint striker. (It works, too.) Waiting by my computer....Stay tuned for more books. I loved everyone's lists of books, by the way. I told my husband I want a generator for our anniversary--or to move to town.


Delia said...

Oh no! Losing your electricity is terrible. When we lived out in the boonies...umm, I mean far out in the country, we had a lot of outages. It was enough to make a person scream.

I hope your electricity becomes more stable and I hope you get that generator... or move to town.

Pam Halter said...

There are times when I would give anything to live in simpler times.

Then I smack myself and pull another game of free cell on the computer. HA!

Somewhere, there must be a happy medium.

LeAnne Benfield Martin said...

I love the graphic. So funny!

Great post. I wouldn't have survived but you make it all sound fun.

Hang in there, and keep trying. I would miss your posts and your photos.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Crystal, you are soooo funny. I think we could be related - but I'm one of your fishin' kin.

I grew up on the Tennessee River - in Guntersville, AL. The best fishing in the world is there, and I miss it!!

I now live out in the country myself in LA (lower Alabama.) And we ARE working to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient. I posted on my shoutlife blog last week that I'm feeling a need to "nest" - to prepare for something drastic in the near future. We're building a greenhouse, making a garden, and thinking of getting a cow and some chickens.

Keep posting - you make me laugh! :-)

Crystal Laine said...

Delia! Where have you been! Thank you for coming by!

Pam, you made me laugh in my pain. Ha!!

Thank you, LeAnne, for your encouragement. You are too nice.

Tracy, are we kin? How far was that from Florence, AL because my family are thick as thieves in Wayne County, TN--just over the border. Did you ever go to Pickwick Dam? Thank you for encouragement, but from now on, like Lee Warren, I will refer to you as my cuz. Ha!