Thursday, November 15, 2007

Free books, Changes

Changes. We all go through them, though some changes are very, very good (like what I'm going to tell you below) and some changes are eeek! (like the change from 49 to 50, or going from a mild-mannered doctor to The Hulk. Same difference.)

Then...: Cute, A Natural Beauty

Now...Photo Enhancements and Alarming Changes and I Don't Look This Good in Real Life

Because I am shifting all of the When I Was Just a Kid interviews over to that blog, I will now be changing the list of interviews to a post entitled When I Was Just a Kid (and linking them both at the right and on the When I Was Just a Kid blog.)

You still can check in here to find old interviews,what is going up over there, but I will remove them from the links at the right here on the Chat 'n' Chew Cafe'. Over there I offer FREE BOOK drawings and you need to check in often as I have a line up of Kids Who Grew Up to Write Books for Kids kicking off the last week in November through December, and you will want to check those out EVERYDAY as the authors and I have teamed up to give away free children's books. Things will be happening faster than a hot flash!

As Martha Stewart says, "It's all goooood." (And you know how that went!)

Be sure to check back here to chew on tasty morsels of fun dishes, nostalgia,writing news and tips, and visiting friends. Just because you're checking out personalities over there, things won't come to a halt over here.

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