Tuesday, September 25, 2007


There are changes in the air. The setting sun glares directly into my eyes as I drive west. Kids leave home, but they're still part of my daily breathing in and out. Last week it was 39 degrees, this week is 91 degrees, but next week will be 50. (This is Indiana.) My When I Was Just a Kid feature of this blog has exploded. I like it. I hope you like it, too. However, I was thinking about transferring all of the interviews to its own separate blog. I'll still have nostalgic tastes from the past here, and direct you to the new interviews with My Kids. It will just make things easier for me.I'm having some trouble with blogspot today. My compose mode isn't showing up(which means I can do nothing.) When I get it taken care of I hope to post the last When I Was Just a Kid interviews of September. I'm already lining up more for you in the coming months.So stay tuned for more blasts from the past.(And pray my blogspot stops hiccupping.)

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Peggy Blann Phifer said...


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