Saturday, April 14, 2012

Posting About Lily of the Valley at The Barn Door

Today is my day to post on The Barn Door. I'm talking about grief and Lily of the Valley

My Lily of the Valley


Nancee said...

Chrystal, I share you grief, and your love for those dainty yet hardy lilies of the valley. We have lived into the house that my grandparents built in the late 1920s, on Myrtle St. The borders of our yard are lush with myrtle and those precious lilies of the valley. I too lost my parents in my early adulthood, and the precious little things in life are what keep us going. Those flowers and some forget-me-nots are dear memories of my mother, and a large grouping of Jack in the pulpits are my connection to my dear father. Those little gifts from God give us comfort when they spring up from the ground in the spring. What a blessing God has given us.

I loved your article this morning!
Nancee, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Crystal Laine said...

Nancee, I so appreciate your sharing of your grandparents' house that you now nurture. What a beautiful portrait you paint of it. I love it!

Little gifts do indeed keep us going. I walked out my door again this a.m. and was so astounded at how those plants are taking over. They jumped the large stones and are into the yard....LOL.