Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Infinite Playlists: How to Have Conversations (Not Conflict) with Your Kids About Music by Todd Stocker

Infinite PlaylistsInfinite Playlists by Todd Stocker

A dad who loves music and grew up on the rock songs of the 1980s and a pastor, Stocker teamed with his teen son on conversations about the music influencing teens now. Instead of condemnation, he has guidelines for parents to talk to their teens about what music is healthy and acceptable for a Christian. This book is more than traditional worship music vs. contemporary, but practical questions and discussions to open the conversation instead of closing discussion on contemporary secular music.

Stocker talks about how music is a gift of God, the effects of it, understanding genres, guidelines for discussion, and even legal issues for Christians. His music student son adds a valuable teen insight. Highly recommended for Christian parents of teens.

Published in Church Libraries Winter 2010-11
By Crystal Laine Miller
Used with permission

Kregel, $9.99

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