Thursday, January 21, 2010

Like Lilacs in Snow

 If your lilacs are already in bloom do you mourn that the cold snow may have killed the blooms? Or do you take a photo, stop the moment and enjoy the unexpected, temporary beauty?

So many things lately have been unexpected. I hate things coming unexpectedly. I would probably be worried (if I had a lilac bush) that the snow or ice killed my lilac bush. I would fuss and knock the snow off--maybe put a bag over the blooms in order to save them. I am ashamed to say that if things don't go according to plan, I don't look for the joy in the moment--I probably worry about what will happen because of it veering off the track of how I thought it should go.

I was worried about family traveling on the ice-covered roads early this morning. But each one was able to cancel travel plans and are snug at home (for the moment!)

So today I decided to learn to appreciate the temporary, because isn't all of life temporary? We really don't know what the next moment will bring, so I think you have to live right now, blooming for all you're worth.

And that's my thought for today.

"In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy." Philippians 1:4 (NIV)


Terra said...

Hi Crystal,
Yes, icy roads and snow covered lilacs can be sources of worry. Like you, I remind myself to relax and know that God is in control.
Enjoy every moment of beauty that you see.
It is raining cats and dogs here today.

Karen Lange said...

I need to remind myself to relax sometimes, too. God is still on the throne and nothing takes Him by surprise. I certainly am not going to change the course of history by fretting over things.

Carrie said...

Did you think maybe your Hebrew nickname would be Ziva -- like the character on NCIS?!!
Okay, I got distracted by that on my way to comment on your post. Now:

Yes, life is temporary. Yes, appreciate the small moments, little pleasures, and even the unexpected. To do otherwise diminishes me . . . there is so much to appreciate, so many little instances to find joy -- to share joy, and to realize joy is a choice. Choose joy.

I promise, if you ever fly off the back of a motorcycle the fleeting breath that is our life hits home!

Ponder on, dear heart, and write it out!

Candy Arrington said...

We are thinking alike today! My article "No Worries" posted today.

jel said...

this is very true!

did u take that shot, very cool!